Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sam's First Birthday

It's been over a month since we celebrated the big day.
Sam's first birthday.

We honestly didn't know if we'd get to celebrate this day with him....oh what a beautiful day it was!

On Sam's actual birthday we did the little at home with our family thing.

Granted it's not so little with all of us, but it was certainly nice and cozy.

He actually grabbed the candle-whoops-but thankfully was none the worse for the wear and thoroughly enjoyed his cupcakes.

Then after a picture to celebrate his actual moment of birth

and a little birthday dancing

He got a new toy that has provided hours of entertainment.

For him and everyone else.

The kids were even more excited than Sam was.
Good times.


Kelsey said...

yay for Sammy! We love you :)

Lisa said...

YEAH for Sweet Sam! He is SO smoochalicious!

XLMIC said...

My kids are ooh-ing and ahh-ing about how cuter than cute Sam is! Happy birthday to Sam! :)