Saturday, February 19, 2011

When procrastination pays off

Our Saturday had an exciting start.  Not exciting as in a fun exciting kind of way, more of a "dang it!  We need to fix this now!" kind of way.

I promise, we do occasionally have just plain old boring days.
Next time I have one I'll try to remember to blog about it.

Aaron and I were lazing in bed debating whether or not to get a new kitchen sink.  Sam was chillin' out being all cute in between us.  He's good at that.  The older kids kept knocking on the door asking about breakfast.  Geesh, it's like they think they should eat it every day or something.
Just kidding.
On weekdays they pretty much do their own thing and then we do big breakfasts on the weekend.  This morning they all wanted smoothies.  We sent the oldest son to retrieve frozen fruit from the chest freezer in the basement.
Can you guess where this is going yet?
No?  Here's a hint:  said son came back upstairs and said "um, the bag of berries is leaking."

Yep.  The freezer.

The good news is that it still works perfectly well.  And no one was playing with the plug so no possible shock/electrocution issues.  yay for parents thinking ahead and making sure the freezer blocks access to the outlet so kids can't unplug it!
The bad news is that one of my younger little darlings found the dial on the side of the freezer that turns it from cold to colder.  Or from colder to less cold.
Or in this case, to "off".
Please someone tell me WHY for the love off all things good do manufacturers even put "off" on the temperature dial?!  If you wanted your freezer off wouldn't you just unplug it?  Would there be a point to leaving it plugged in but off?  Someone enlighten me.

So, over the course of the next hour, we salvaged what we could.  I was super glad that it was not the very beginning of the month when I'd done the big stock up grocery trip and filled the freezer.  More good news came in the form of the bag of cubed ice still being completely frozen, which meant that the great turning off must have happened quite recently, likely yesterday.  There were still some frozen spots on some of the food, so it wasn't completely thawed and was still usable.  We lost some meat of course.  Lost a lot of veggies.   Sent thawing chicken breasts out to neighbors who could use them today or tomorrow since we can't possibly eat 30 chicken breasts in one weekend.
The kids eat a lot, but not that much yet.
Thank goodness.
I was totally bummed that my Freschettas were not salvageable.  I totally would have eaten pizza at 9am just to use them and not throw them away.  Dangit.

On the bright side, we made a LOT of smoothies with all those quickly thawing berries.  The regular freezer is now stocked with smoothies for the week.  And we're going to have to make something tomorrow that will put the rest of the blueberries to use.
The freezer is also totally cleaned out as well.  Yay clean freezer!

So what does this have to do with procrastination?

The freezer upstairs-the normal one that is part of the fridge-is full to bursting with things that I have been too lazy preoccupied busy to take downstairs to the chest freezer.  Had I been on top of things we would have lost a lot more food.  And all of the frozen breast milk.  That would have been super frustrating.
Two thumbs up for procrastination!


XLMIC said...

What a way to start your Saturday!

I agree, sometimes procrastination pays off ;-) Wish it was often enough to justify the fact that I pretty much always procrastinate...

Catey said...

Your Saturday night must be as exciting as mine to be dragging blogs! lol
I'm with you...but hey, maybe it is paying off more often, we just have procrastinated finding out how it's paying off....

Teamarcia said...

Now that kind of thaw we don't need!

~LL~ said...

OK....I actually knew where you were going.... well, kind of. I wondered if that was it because that very same thing happened to us, except, we didn't have blueberries, we didn't lose too much food and I had to cook like a mad woman.

I, too, block the outlets from kids.... just not mice, sadly. LOL But, one of my cherubs had turned it off..... and I thought the same thing.... "Why is there an 'off' setting?"

I did a few casseroles and claimed the opportunity to throw out what looked questionable, what I was just tired of seeing all the time (do you every have that?) and some of hubby's "poor" purchases.