Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Monday

It was a long morning.  Day really.
Something about procedures on your kids that can just be emotionally draining.

The most amazing part of the day?  The cough that we prayed all weekend would be gone enough for us to proceed with the MRI kept itself at bay this morning.  As of this afternoon, Sam sounds awful.  He's even getting a little wheezy tonight.  Oy!  Wheezy and raspy is no good.  As much as it stinks to hear him hacking away, I can't help but be overwhelmingly grateful for it's timing.  Just a few hours earlier would have been a serious problem.

Bonus points for me remembering to dress him last night in PJs that did not involve any snaps or zippers so he could stay dressed in his own clothes during the MRI.  So much easier to not have to change clothes.

Once the sedation really kicked in, the scan went very well from what we were told.  It took quite a while, but the nurse mentioned that the radiologist was trying to be as thorough as possible and got as many scans and angles as he could, with contrast and everything.  We should have every piece of information on the current goings-on inside Samuel's head that we could possibly want.

After the scan my boy was sleeeeepy!

We let him just rest for a full hour after the MRI finished, waiting for him to start stirring on his own.

Not so much.

So then we started bugging him trying to wake him up.  We got him awake enough to eat for a bit, though with his suck suck suck sleep startle sleep startle suck suck suck routine, it took a good half hour to nurse him.  And I was enjoying entirely too much just sitting in a quiet room loving on my warm and snuggly little guy.

At that point he conked out again, so we really started bugging him.  With a full belly and at his normal nap time, it took even more work to get him to really wake up.  Thankfully he was irritable enough that we knew he was ok, but it wasn't until we pulled off the tape and removed the IV that we really saw some good action out of him.

(IVs are sad on tiny hands)

And then he found his thumb and was out again.

As I sat there, I couldn't help but think to myself that any kid with a bug phobia who woke up in one of these recovery beds would really not be happy.

Anyway, he was out again for the ride home, but breathing well and reactive to loud noises and movement.  Also, oh my heck I love those ears!

 Funny thing was that he was still a little loopy for a while after we got home.   I couldn't resist capturing it.   If you get over the sad factor, it really is funny.  Either that or I'm just nuts.   I will share it if blogger ever lets me upload a video again.

That reminds me that I was never able to get Aaron's post-op video uploaded.  I must try that again.  Hilarious!

I am supposed to call the neurosurgeon's nurse tomorrow to make sure he had a chance to see the scans, at which point they will let us know if we can wait till March 7th for his next appointment or if they feel the need to squeeze us in sooner than that.  Thankfully we have not had any episodes of spams or convulsions, or any seizures, but over the past week there have been moments where Sam will kind of just act weird for a little bit, often accompanied by crying like he is in real pain.  It only lasts a short while, maybe a minute or two, but it is a little unnerving.  His fontanelle and veins are bulging much more this past week too, noticeably so, so I assume we can chalk all that up to increased pressure, which probably is pretty darn uncomfortable.  Poor kid.  So thankful that this is all that is going on could be so much worse, much scarier.  We have truly been blessed!
I am anxious for Aaron to get home with his laptop so I can read the report on the scans.  Darn disk won't read on the Mac.  A neuro-radiologist did the evaluation, so it should be pretty in-depth.

It sure is nice to see this bright smiling face again tonight!



Sheena Ballard said...

He sure is a cutie & a miracle. I cant imagine what you are going through as a family & a mother waiting & wondering what's going to happen next. I can barely handle Ashton being sick. You've definitely been given lots of strength & patience. Good luck, I good for the best for that little man. Babies are so precious, innocent, & deserve all the love you can give them. They're so helpless, they need us to be there for them to help, take care & love them, which Sam most definitely has. I wish you the best. I hope he doesn't get worse being sick. This bronchitis & rsv Ashton has is brutal. We gave him a blessing Thursday we were so worried. Hell definitely be in my prayers. There too little to ne

Sheena Ballard said...

Be so sick. Sorry keyboard went funky. Anyway take care. I hope you had a good Valentines day.

Kelsey said...

I wanna jump in that bed (1st pic) and snuggle him. He is just so cute. I loved holding him last night and hearing that laugh. He really has the best laugh in the world...and his ears are the cutest!

XLMIC said...

Every time you put up a pic of him I am super hard-pressed to remembering any of my OWN kids being THAT cute…really. Sounds like today went about as well as it could have :) I hope that cough clears quickly!

Lisa said...

What a day.
I'm tired for you,
but boy is that one sweet smile.

~LL~ said...

Oh... my heart!

Still bombarding Heaven on your behalf! Love you all