Friday, February 11, 2011

Time to face reality. Again.

The mom instinct was right on, and Sam's head has indeed gotten bigger.  Quickly.
Time for the next MRI.

The original plan was to wait till he was around a year old for our next MRI experience, but his head has jumped considerably over the past couple of months.  He has jumped WAY up the growth curve, going from 80th percentile two months ago to 97th now.  Right up at that top edge of the chart.  That itself is a pretty big jump, but considering that his measurement before 80th% was 70th%, and before that it was 60th%, well, obviously not a good trend.
We are starting to see some bulging of his fontanel as well.

I am thrilled that we are able to get in quickly but it's a tad big disconcerting that they got us scheduled so quickly.  We booked on Thursday for the first Monday appointment.  We were actually offered a Thursday afternoon appointment when I called on Thursday morning.  Oy.  Part of me is bummed that I couldn't make it work out on Thursday, the other part of me is relieved.  This gives us the weekend to just keep on keepin' on with life as normal.  And celebrate Dallin's birthday without wondering if the neurosurgeon has seen the scans yet and what his fluid levels are doing in that head of his.  Sam's head, not the neurosurgeon's head.

Thankfully we haven't seen any change in behavior, and there haven't been any seizures, or even any spasm incidents, so we are hoping that the rapid head increase has allowed his brain plenty of room to not be too squished from increased fluid levels.

This most likely means that it is time to bite the bullet and get his shunt in.  We are super grateful that he didn't need that shunt in his first few days of life as we originally anticipated.  It is nice that he is bigger and stronger and that we have been able to put it off this long.  Though the thought of my 6 month old baby having brain surgery is of course a little scary, we are also very grateful that of the brain surgeries out there, this one is pretty darn routine and simple.

As for now we have a Valentine's date for an MRI, we'll let the rest come as needed.


XLMIC said...

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers, Catey. Modern medicine is an amazing thing. I can only imagine how it must feel to schedule brain surgery for your baby. (((hugs)))

Rheanna said...

You are in our prayers! I can't even imagine, but I know your family will be blessed!

~LL~ said...

Prayers, my friend~

Unknown said...

BIG BIG BIG BIG prayers, my friend.