Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday morning, sitting and waiting.....

It is a beautiful morning! It was warmer when I left the house at 5:45am today than it has been at the warmest point of the afternoon lately. Highs should be in the mid 50s for the next couple of days. Love!

Other than the weather, the big thing today is of course Sam's MRI. I am sitting in recovery waiting for the scans to be finished. Thank heavens for the iPad. Good stuff.

Sam was a doll this morning. He woke up about ten minutes before we had to leave and was obviously hungry. He was not happy. I really worried that he'd just cry all the way to the hospital. I should have known better. He nodded back off after a diaper change and a few minutes in the car. He was happy and calm through all the paperwork, vitals, waiting, and even the IV. Thn thanks to sweetease, he slipped back off into a nap before we even started the sedation meds.

I got to hold him while he was being put under this time, and got to put him on the table instead of just handing him off. All was well.

And en a few minutes later he woke up. Yes, that's right, AFtER the sedation meeds were given! Out family's running theme? "that never happens....." after anoer bolus of meds things must be ok as I no longer hear any fussing from down the hall and no one has come back to talk to me, so I assume he is sleeping and they are scanning. Now I hurry up and wait.

Thank you for the prayers in our behalf this weekend, we needed them. They very specifically told us that we could not do the MRI if Sam had a cough, so of course he started coughing yesterday. We came in this morning knowing that we might be sent home, but thankfully his lungs are still completely clear, oxygen levels are good and we were able to give it a shot. That is why he woke up-using a less potent sedative just to make sure his breathing doesn't become an issue, but I am very grateful that we were given the chance to proceed and not put this off. Some things over the past few days have indicated that pressure is increasing in his head, I really worried about waiting much longer to have the scans done.

He should be out soon, hopefully they can get all the angles that are needed!

(oh, please excuse any glaring typos. Auto correct can be an interesting thing, and navigating blogger on the iPad is interesting)

Happy Monday!



Unknown said...

Hope all goes well. We're praying for him!

XLMIC said...

Sending all my best! He's an amazing little boy.

Wishing you all a wonderful day :)

Unknown said...

Continued prayers.