Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lest you think I was kidding

Or exaggerating, I decided to take a few pictures on Tuesday morning of the things that Charlotte was involved in.  You know, the next day after that whole "middle name" post.
The following are the highlights of things that happened prior to 2 pm.
I will spare you the things that happened after 2pm.

First up:  The flour

Ok, she gets it from me, she loves to bake.
Usually she's really pretty good at keeping it in whatever mixing bowl she grabs from the cupboard.
Yesterday morning, not so much.  The whole bottom half of the pantry not so much.

Followed by: Bread
I am very grateful that she didn't just try to cut herself a piece.  Charlotte+knife cannot have a good outcome.  She got creative and went with the measuring cup, scooping out the inside of the loaf.  Points for creativity.

Next up: Milk

She actually dumped out half of my almond milk on Monday, which is not only annoying, but pricey.  Also, she dumped it into the kitchen rug, which I realized only when I stepped in it.  I hate it when I'm wearing socks and step in something wet.  But hey, my kitchen rug has now been washed three times in the past week.  It's really clean.
So yesterday's milk adventure was just plain old regular milk.
Follow the milk trail....

At least she removed all the cards, game pieces and the dvd from this box insert before filling it.

She then filled the game box's lid.
And then she took her little cow swimming in the insert.

That's me milking the cow.
Awesome.  again.

And what morning would be complete without playing in the plant?
This child has left this plant alone for almost her entire 2 1/2 years.  Suddenly she has decided she is missing out.

After that I had to put the camera down.  I was obviously a step behind her all morning, trying to document it all made it even worse!  The afternoon was a lot more of the same, though we had a beautifully blissful hour or so of peace and calm while reading stories and playing with Sam.  Somehow that just made the rest of it all ok....


XLMIC said...

Okay, I hope it isn't mean that I am laughing my head off! Carys doesn't get into stuff like Charlotte does... she just takes off without any warning. I don't know which I think is worse! lol

The cow swimming in the milk..too cute. LOVE the bread scooped out with the measuring cup... that IS genius!

Kelsey said...

I LOVE this! She is a riot. I wish I could follow her all day long :)

~LL~ said...

I just can't imagine..... oh, my..... I could feel myself tensing up just looking at those pictures. Funny? A bit, but only because it's not me.....

Now, because it's my "long-lost" twin, I do sympathize.... It's bad enough if you have only the one having an "off" day....

Oh my.....

It's a good things she's cute!!!!

Catey said...

Oh, please do laugh! that's the reason I share it! Besides, others laughing at it make me more willing to laugh about it. The only other thing I can do is just shake my head in amazement!

Laurie said...

My 2 1/2 year old got into the eggs the other day, I though that was bad... luckily I caught her before she left a trail. I'm sure she and Charlotte would have a great time playing together. :)

CloughClan said...

I love the 'milking the cow' picture.