Thursday, August 12, 2010

When life gives you lemons, er, jaundice

You know that whole lemonade thing. Jaundiceade?
My sister and I affectionately call it Oopma-loompaism....too bad the light bed doesn't come with an endless supply of chocolate.

Thanks to a rising bilirubin level, we have at least two more days on the light bed. Sam was down to 15 on Monday, back up to 15.8 on Wed. Oy. Wrong way buddy!
More labs on Friday anyway so hopefully a better number then. The phlebotomists at the hospital closest to home don't even have to look up his file anymore, we're now on a first name basis. They are sweet as can be and just dote on this boy anytime we step into the lab.

Honestly, I think he just has the family love for light. That he's missing the days in my belly when we'd bask in the sun and he'd roll right up front to the middle of my belly sticking out as much as he possible could to soak up the warmth of the sun. Tender infant skin=minimal sun exposure so he's opting for the tanning bed instead.

Positive attitude people!

Point being: Since he is stuck in the bed still and has to go the Zorro route and have his precious little face covered up for the vast majority of the day, we thought we'd liven things up a bit.
I was just thinking some big eyes cut out from a magazine. Or maybe sunglasses.

Aaron hit the jackpot and went the Harry Potter route instead.
Got the little scar drawn on there and everything.
Very appropriately "the boy who lived".



~LL~ said...

Aw.... Little Sammy Potter (said with a Cockney accent.)

Lisa said...

Love it!

Kelsey said...

He looks so cute!

Trish said...

He must love them, he's got a cute little grin on! What a sweetie.

Cindi said...

Pretty darn cute.

Laurie said...

That is too cute! Good for you guys. :)

Nurse Heidi said...

Catey, I am SO GLAD and humbled and amazed and overwhelmed that both your babe and Deanna's are doing so well! These two little boys - they must have been buddies long before birth.