Thursday, August 26, 2010

School is back in


The kids were so excited for school to start, I'm trying to let their enthusiasm rub off on me.
I really really am.
The 783 forms that I must fill out this week are dampening that slightly for me.
Especially since so many of them are duplicates. My feelings on that are not pretty-I'll spare you.
Although I have decided that next year filling these papers out will be more fun.
You want to know my child's strengths? Their real strengths?
You mean like hiding dirty laundry in very creative locations so they don't have to wash it, annoying a particular sibling to the point of tears on a nearly daily basis, playing the song "Bubble Gum" on the piano at amazing speed and volume 4 times in a row without pausing,
throwing shoes down the stairs at such amazing accuracy that no matter how many times I wash that scuff mark off the wall it reappears in the exact same place within 24 hours.....
Yes, next year will be fun!
(or cause the childrens' teachers to think that their mother is certifiable)

But I digress-

The first day was a fabulously happy morning. The kids were up nice and early, got themselves ready to go quickly, wanted to look all around win.

Today, well, today was real life. Two kids fighting the wake-up call, one moping about when I insisted on nice clothing for school, one complaining about the options for lunch.
Ahhh....the school routine. blah.

But that's ok. That's life.

It just means it's time for me to whip out the Super Mom cape, suck it up, and do what I can to make their mornings (and mine!) more pleasant.
Which is all sorts of fun considering that I am so NOT a morning person. (please read that ala Dr Cox. thank you.)

This makes the whole thing a life lesson for everyone. Sometimes you just have to suck it up for the betterment of everyone involved. Even if it means pretending to be pleasant until you actually are.

So here's to a successful school year.
To happy mornings and yummy after school snacks.
To helping with homework and not doing it for them.
To projects that may not look as fancy as everyone else's, but having the satisfaction of knowing that your kid actually did their own work.
To new shoes and new friends.
To remembering that this all goes by way too fast and we may as well enjoy it while it's here.

Also-I have a lot of kids.



Rheanna said...

Sorry about "Bubble Gum" :o)! They all look so cute, lined up and ready to go the school.

celestialdragonfly13 said...

I'm a friend of Erika and she shared your story and blog with me, I've been stalking you now since right before Samuel was born. I have been checking back daily now for pics and updates. Today though we connected on another level which was school paperwork, and I just chuckled...I just want you to know that you're an inspiration and a joy to read. You have a beautiful family yet you keep it real. Life is grand and every moment is meant to be enjoyed even the crazy ones. Thanks for sharing your story and the bits and pieces that make up your days.

XLMIC said...

Love your "toast" to the coming school year! It's so true that one can always tell which kids come from larger families when the projects are pinned up... My oldest is finally learning the whole "suck it up and deal" motto... and now is impressing it upon his sibs! Your kids are just priceless, btw. Love your blog!