Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Open to Interpretation

I have always known I had creative kids.

I have known for quite sometime that they are artful when it comes to interpretation.

I did not know that the same phrase could be interpreted so differently by each child.

You see, I decided to take advantage of the fact that I can still lay in bed with my baby at 7:30 in the morning this week. I won't be able to do that next week thanks to school resuming. (boo!)
So I was laying there with my drowsy eyed sweet smelling babe, as he lazily nursed himself in and out of sleep. It was heavenly.

I could hear the minions down the hall, they were beginning to descend on the kitchen for breakfast. Charlotte was just waking up, and "reading" to herself in her room.

All was well in the world.
For a few minutes anyway.

Then the knocking began.
The rule of "do not go in Mom and Dad's room without invitation" was blatantly ignored. At least they all knocked first. Or at least knocked as they were letting themselves in.

Every child who opened my door got the same response. Every time they opened my door. "Please go out and shut my door."
(hey-I was having a moment. I wanted roughly 3.2 more minutes to finish feeding my baby. Not to mention at least 10 seconds further seconds to make myself decent.)

These magic words, "Please go out and shut my door", apparently are also interpreted as the following:

"Malia!!! Mom wants to see you!!"
"Mom said that you don't get to go"
"Jacob you have to do your chore right now and I don't have to take you"
"I can too go! Mom said!"
"You're in trouble-I told Mom you pinched me!"
"I just asked and she said you're wrong"

Ahhh....another peaceful morning.
(and yes, I did stay in bed for another three minutes. I plugged my ears and enjoyed each and every second of it.)



Kelsey said...

awesome! They are the best.