Thursday, August 12, 2010

13 years and one week

One week ago, August 5th, was our 13th wedding anniversary.

LUCKY number 13.

I had this great plan to put together a cute little slideshow of pictures from way back in the day. (back when we looked like children! ack!)
Yeah, that didn't happen.

Or at least have our annual celebratory PF Chang's dinner. With Great Wall of Chocolate for dessert. (Mmmmm, great wall of chocolate....)
I ate hospital food. He probably didn't eat anything at all.
No wait! He did stop at McDonald's around midnight. I think. But I don't know if he ever actually ate because the first McDonald's he stopped at was closed.
Either way, it wasn't fancy for sure.

But you want to know why I am the luckiest woman in the world?
On our anniversary I sat in the hospital, my parents had our kids, and Aaron spent the night in school.
Then after school got out, he drove the half hour home, got a change of clothes and some lotion, then drove the hour plus to the hospital where I was. At midnight. He rubbed my feet and then spent the night on the couch so that I wasn't alone on our anniversary.

So, to that amazing man, my best friend and perfect match, after 13 incredible years I have a few things to say;

Trucks Entering Highway
FOUR dollars for a salad?!
I bought you a boat
Who'd want to rent a chicken?
The TV is on
Freschetta and Redbox
Have you seen my shoes?
Does the rolling help?
And last by not least, here are your nagging pills
I love you. You make me smile.



Kelsey said...

lucky 13 indeed. What about that REALLY expensive box of cereal?!
Your wedding was great...except for my bridesmaid dress! ha ha

Aaron said...

...oh....and I will get you a box of Lucky Charms....even if it costs $800.....