Thursday, February 11, 2010

Use your creativity wisely

My children each have a household chore daily. Not big things, but things that need to be done on a regular basis-especially when you have this many people in one house. These chores consist of a daily pick up/wipe down in the main bathroom, vacuuming the floors, emptying/loading the dishwasher, helping with one load of towels (wash/dry/fold/put away), and taking out the garbage. All roughly 5 minute jobs. 10 if you go slow.

Often while the kids are at school I'll give them a jumpstart. No, sadly it's not to be nice, it's for my own sanity. If the sink is so full of dishes that I can't find the bottom, I'll load the dishwasher and hand wash the big stuff so that they just have to put away. Or I'll get the towels through the washer and dryer so that they only need to be folded and put away.

Such was the case today.

The towels were sitting clean and fluffy (and still slightly warm) in the dryer. Waiting to be folded.

Child #2, the oldest boy, nearing 10 years of age is on laundry today.

I asked him, more than once to get his chore done this afternoon. He wanted to finish putting together his Valentine cards for school tomorrow. I told him that as soon as the towels were done, he could have at it.

And then he disappeared.

And I happened to walk in the laundry room.

The towels were no longer in the dryer.
But they were also not sitting on the couch in a laundry basket where the kids usually plunk them.

And then I noticed that the laundry that had been in the washer was now in the dryer. But the washer was not empty.

Oh no.
The lovely clean fluffy towels (that were all the childrens' towels by the way-yes they each have their own towels, by color), were staring at me through the big glass door of the washer.

I thought I must be mistaken. Maybe he had rounded up one more dirty load of laundry and in a saintly manner started a new load of laundry. There are after all two towels of each of the bright colors....

And so I sought out said child. He was in my room putting together Valentines.

And I dared to ask...."did you just take the clean towels and start the laundry over? After they have already been washed and dried?"

"uh-I didn't want to fold them right now."

Are you kidding me?!? *sigh* Thankfully he had forgotten to hit the start button, so they were just sitting there and not being rewashed yet, but seriously?!

I get the not wanting to fold issue. I have had clean laundry sitting in baskets in my room for two days. And actually half of it is folded, I just haven't bothered to put it away yet. Point being I understand! I don't like laundry any more than you do-and probably even less!

But c'mon-You couldn't just hide them behind the couch or something? Put them in a basket and leave them in the laundry room? Even take them down to your bedroom and hide them?

Points for attempting to find a way to get out of your chore, but work on your application of avoidance please.



Aaron said...

He gets that from your side of the family.


Kelsey said...

Nice try Aaron. That makes me wanna vomit. I would've just hid them for real.

Melissa said...

That's kind of funny really. Maybe it's a boy thing?

A while ago I discovered my boys' laundry hamper becoming full at an unrealistically rapid rate. After a little detective work, I discovered they were taking about half of their clean clothes (right out of the dryer) and putting them in the dirties instead of putting them away. Seriously?!! It would make sense if I did their laundry, but I DON'T - they do! Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't they just shooting themselves in the foot with that?

Catey said...

Melissa-they do that too!! Alaina is the worst. I get so bugged when I see them pulling things-still folded sometimes!-out of the their dirty laundry and loading them in the washer. Pairs of socks I've put together for them too. I keep trying to explain that they are just making more work but they aren't getting it. *sigh*

~LL~ said...

HAHA!!! I can so see #2 doing that. My older 2 do their own laundry. #1 has seen the chore that it is and will do it without complaint, else I take on more laundry. #2, will go through 3 changes of clothes per day and each one goes into the hamper... Why? I don't know.

~LL~ said...

So, your hubby let the cat out of the bag... shouldn't you?