Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Great Winter Rebellion

Here we are at that lovely time of year again. Everyone is stinkin' tired of winter.

We've had the annual January thaw, so you can see grass in some places. There are some confused little bulbs that are starting to sprout. And darn it-if that sun out there isn't tempting....

This is when we start to do crazy things. In the spirit of one of two things-either a big fat "neener, neener, you're getting more snow!" to those poor folks getting pounded back East right now, or the spirit of "since you're getting snowed in, we'll get out and enjoy our little break on your behalf", everyone seems to be taking a hibernation break.

Strange things happen when it's February, we're tired of sub-zero temps, and the sun comes out.

We start hanging out without coats. Heck, without jackets!
The kids have a snowball shortsleeves.

and barefoot.
(Except for the 3yr old who is currently living in his Lightening McQueen jacket day and night.)

A crazy amount of people decide that since the temperatures are soaring into the low 30s now, it's a great time to get active again. A ton of little bundled up babies and toddlers are in strollers feeling their parents' craziness. The kids break out the bikes and skateboards again. The basketball hoops are suddenly all in use.

And then there's the guy I saw out running this morning.
It was beautiful and sunny, and a whopping 33 degrees in our big capital city about 40 miles up the road, which means that it was roughly 5-10 degrees colder out here. (not sure why that happens, but it does) So it was likely in the mid to upper twenties. This guy was out running in shorts. And a tank top. And he was bald. After living with a bald man for the past nearly 10yrs I can tell you that bald=cold more easily. No insulation on the noggin. My first thought, "he's crazy!".... second thought, "dang I wish I was out running right now!"

So in the spirit of the great Winter rebellion, today I am wearing capris. And a t-shirt. And enjoying the sun streaming through the windows while I pretend that it's warm outside. Take that February!

Until I step outside to get the mail and get smacked in the face with a frigid breeze.
Darn reality.