Thursday, February 11, 2010

My dogs' lips

Apparently my dogs are feeling self conscious.

One of my dogs is in heat. The other appears to be headed into it as well.
Fun stuff. I do not remember as a kid that our dogs went all weird when in heat. Maybe they didn't. Mine do. I have two psychotic animals tearing through my house most of the day lately. Strange creatures.
(makes me fear my girls hitting the teen years)

I must be a neglectful dog owner, as I did not realize that their cycling gave them extra need for primping. They have been rolling in the slightly thawed garden-thus necessitating extra bathing. They have been pawing at anything and everything-thus necessitating extra nail trimming. They have been shedding like mad, which means extra brushing. But apparently that wasn't enough.

Oh no.

Despite the fact that these two little dogs of mine do not-and we have decided will not-have any male companionship in their current state, they feel the need to pretty up.

With my lip balm.

They'd better be enjoying their replenished with pomegranate oil Burt's Bees soothed lips.
They stole my lip balm. Didn't eat it, just mangled the lid off and played with it. Which proves to me that all females want soft lips. Even those that are not human.

Do dogs even have lips?