Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Take that Monday

I wasn't about to let Monday be the end of my pregnancy running. So I laced up the shoes today.

I'm happy to report, no gagging, no choking back vomit, and no wetting my pants. (though that last part was a little iffy for a bit....)

I maintained a 9 min/mile pace (give or take a few seconds), and pushed the last 1/2 mile at an 8min/mile pace. Go me!
This is a big deal-I am a slow runner.

Granted I was running an indoor track so I didn't have to face the elements, but hey-I was canceling my gym membership today and they made me come in and fill out some forms to do that, so I figured I'd take advantage of their facilities one last time.

Speaking of indoor tracks (brace yourselves, I'm about to vent), aside from the fact that it was a shock to my system to go from running in head to toe layers outside in 20 degree weather (not counting wind) to running where it was so warm I was sweating in the first mile...I swear it was 85 degrees in there (it was a treat to run in a tank and skirt again!), I learned that there are issues with an indoor track. The running in circles gets monotonous-but I can deal with that. The place has a 4 lane track. Not huge, but plenty big. I've run it at night before and it's been fine. The daytime is a different story. For some reason, everyone goes the opposite direction during the day. Why? not sure. Why did it bug me? Creature of habit. I got over it.

Also, moms with strollers. UGH.
Let's be real. I have a boatload of kids. I'm all for using them to workout and squeezing in working out whenever/however you can. I get that part-more than probably any of the stroller brigade does. But when you have a 4 lane track, and the lanes are VERY clearly marked Lane 1 & 2: walking, Lane 3:running Lane 4:running and circuit training, why, please tell me WHY do you think it is ok for you to straddle the first three lanes, and mooch into the fourth?
Also, I get the want, no need, to keep your toddler in the stroller happy. Been there done that. But really, does it have to require containers of cereal/snacks that they a-spill all over, b-keep throwing which then causes you to stop your wagon train in the middle of the track to chase the container down, c-pass back and forth from stroller to stroller? OK, props for teaching your kid to share-so I'll forgive that if you quit stopping every time they try to pass it back and forth!

I know I sound like a b****, I'll blame the pregnancy hormones. And the fact that every time I tried to run around the parade while maintaining my pace, and not running anyone over or crashing into anyone I would get the look. You know, THE look. I know the look well, even out of the corner of my eye. I've given it enough times to be too familiar with it. *sigh*

All that aside, today's run felt awesome. Thank goodness! It's been too long since I had that happy ache in my legs. Though it wasn't as many miles as I hoped to put in, with the quicker pace I'm happy. It's a shock to be able to lap people, because I've always been the one being lapped. (it's kind of fun to be on the other side!) It made me grateful for the awesome trails in my city that enable me to run outside instead of being stuck on a track. Grateful for a body that functions well, even if I am going to have to face reality and not put in the miles that I was hoping to this year. Baby in exchange for less running = more than a fair trade! Much more. Also, I'm glad I never ditched that cheap Craigs List elliptical that's gathering dust in the garage. Looks like it will come in handy again. Just hopefully not too soon.

I hope your Wednesday was better than your Monday too. Even if your Monday was great.


Kelsey said...

I feel lazy.

Ashley said...

What?!?!? You don't get that "Happy ache" in your legs when you run with me? :)

Unknown said...

Sorry about the snacks on the track ... I didn't mean to.

MaryAnne said...

1-Great Job running so well!!!!

2-People need to know and understand that when running on a track whether inside or out there are certain rules that must be obeyed!!!! You are a lot nicer than I am. I would have lost it if I was running and had to deal with rude stroller moms.

Catey said...

Ashley-I almost never get that when it's cold! :) I did when we ran last year-especially when I was mean and dragged you all the way over to the other side of the city.... Sorry about that. heh!

~LL~ said...