Monday, February 15, 2010

Dallin turns 5

Five years ago this little one joined out family.

He had kind of a rough start, spending the first week of his life here:

And then getting only a few weeks reprieve before landing here:

Add to that the fact that 7 days before he was born we moved, two weeks after he was born Aaron had surgery, and then the week before he was re-hospitalized, Aaron was hospitalized with meningitis....his first month and a half of life was one hectic time.

It's a good thing he liked to snuggle. I needed that at the time.

In the 5 years since then, he's been appropriately tortured,

Picked up some interesting habits,

Developed some unique talents,

Gone fun places

And met some interesting creatures

He's gotten plenty dirty,

But cleans up pretty well

And thankfully, he chose to actually blow out his birthday candles instead of spitting them out.

(Even though he had to think about it.)


Justin said...

And Aaron doesn't think he looks like him....

MadeInCanarias said...

Happy Birthday!

Kelsey said...

Dallin is just the cutest kid! And he was the cutest cutest baby.
Happy Bday Dalbie!

Deedles said...

How cute! I love all the pictures!

Deedles said...
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~LL~ said...

awesome pics!!! Happy Birthday, Little Man!

Maile said...

IN the toilet!! That is hilarious!

Lisa said...

Awww ... Happy Birthday big guy! Where did THAT time go?