Monday, February 15, 2010

The cookie quest continues....

I'm still on the hunt for the perfect cookie.

I tried the first two recipes on my list and thought both were good, one better than the other, but still not a recipe that made me weak in the knees. I did take both recipes to a meeting with a dozen or so people-their preference was split almost perfectly down the middle. Not helpful! But I guess that really doesn't matter too much since I'm looking for my favorite. Although one person there is fairly culinarily inclined, so I'm going to try a couple of his suggestions and see how that works out.

The plan is to get to the other recipes this week now that I've done a Costco run and have two gallons (yes, they are in gallon jars) of chocolate chips.

Can you believe that I ran out of chocolate chips?

I know.

I am now fully stoked on butter and chocolate chips. Life is good.

Looking forward to trying out the other recipes that have been suggested. Still welcoming any other suggestions you may have as well!

That one recipe that I mentioned in the first cookie post was good. The dough was great. I think I have a couple of adjustments in mind, so we'll see where it ends up.



Aaron said...

They are all gross....and mainly because you use the wrong choc chips. MILK MILK MILK!!!! Semi sweet is semi crappy.

....never-the-less they are all terrible to date....keep trying.

Kelsey said...

semi sweet is nasty.

~LL~ said...

I'm going to send you another recipe that I just got the other day.... it was yummy! And the texture was perfect!