Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Two weeks

Charlotte hit 2wks this past Friday, which of course comes with that lovely dr visit. My little bird legs is already up to 7lbs 3oz! Growing too fast! She still right on the 16th percentile, but she already looks so much bigger to me. I guess I'll never have one of those babies that just barely makes it *back* to their birthweight by the two week check. Oh well. At least they start on the small side, and not at 10lbs.....or bigger. (Rheanna you're my hero-lol)

But hey-the good news is that Aaron's camera came back today! Yippee! Thankfully it didn't take the 6-8wks that they mentioned. I almost had to take up the offer of borrowing a camera from another photographer out here! (Thanks Carma!) Now we can do a good shoot with her before she gets any bigger!


Lisa said...

Way to grow Charli! I knew she was fattening up a must have super milk!