Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Malia is a very smart girl. In weird ways. She's very inquisitive into things that are interesting to her. How many 9yr old girls like to spend a good part of their free time making a science journal and playing with their microscope? More than one of her friends has flinched or balked when as they come to play she says enthusiastically "let's play lab! I'll get my microscope!" Fortunately she has some very willing friends, so not everyone reacts with disdain!

One of these friends that she plays with was here yesterday. Cute kid. Nice to have a friend that doesn't think that Malia liking things like science, reading, sewing (and an undying need to learn to crochet asap) are weird. In fact if things work out well, said friend will teach Malia to knit since I have stuffed that into a drawer for who knows how long! ; )

Anyway-they were hanging out yesterday and decided to get the microscope out. That was fine with me, the baby was napping and I was folding laundry (and watching was fun! lol). The girls occupied themselves with whatever prepared slides Malia had, then they decided they'd do something a little bit different. Like I said, Malia is very inquisitive. When she finds something interesting, she will read up on it. So while I'm used to some odd inquiries, I have to say I was shocked when the girls came into the office and said "we need some blood." Ummm, excuse me? I knew they hadn't been reading Twilight books, so I wondered where this was going! heh! The explanation was wonderful.

"You need what?"

"We need a drop of blood. We already have a strand of hair."

"Um, what are you girls doing?"

"We're making a clone. I've read about it. There is DNA in your hair and in your blood, and you can use them to make a clone of yourself."


"You know, a clone. And exact copy of yourself. Looks just like you. How can we get blood?"

"I'd really rather you girls not make yourselves bleed.....and how are you going to make a clone out of blood and hair anyway?"

"You just mix the hair with the blood. The DNA is already in there."

Ok then. True, the DNA is there. I glossed over how it was a little more complex than just mixing those things together and suggested that they find another way to use the microscope. That didn't involve blood.

Besides-if she's going to clone someone, it'd be nicer if it was me. That way my clone could get all the chores done and I could just sit and snuggle my baby all day. And maybe finish that darn Twilight book......


~LL~ said...


Kelsey said...

NERD ALERT! (you know I love to say it). I hope she never asks me to play :) You've got some smartie pants kids there. How'd the clone turn out?

Lisa said...

She is TOO, TOO smart! She and Silas would get along fabulously.

Justin said...

That is funny. It'd be fun to have a clone of myself when it comes to work/chores, but then I'd want him to go away when it's play time. So as Malia goes all science on us, have her figure out how to make a clone that is obedient to the original. Maybe I just need more obedient kids to do my work for me, that might work better. I sound kind of lazy, I'll admit it, I AM :)

Cindi said...

That is awesome. Does she like to play with boys? Russell is all about his microscope and science too.

Aaron said...

Uh....not to be the carnal one, but if there is two of you......