Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why Murphy, Why?

The nesting continues. Today was quite productive with a full cleanout of the basement, including massive organizing and cleanout of the two kids' bedrooms downstairs, and the playroom. Then on to the storage room and the garage to attack the storage tubs and the clothing and shoes therein. I *almost* got it all done. I filled a big black plastic bag full to bursting for the Clothing exchange. (yay!) More importantly, I got all of each of the boy's warm winter clothing (except what didn't get washed today), sorted, folded and stashed away until fall rolls around and the temps start dropping. I didn't get the the girls' things yet, but I will tomorrow!!

So here's my question to the great and powerful Murphy: Why, on the 30th of April, the day before May, just one month before summer vacation officially begins, and this crazy pregnant woman finally goes to the effort of getting out all of the summer clothing, WHY is it SNOWING?? Yes, a peek out the door around 9 tonight revealed bright little white flakes floating oh so sweetly down from the sky. No more sweetly floating! Go back to where you came from! Rain if you must, but please, no more snow! If I don't get some sun soon I'm going to start looking like a leper again..... We DO live in a desert you know! Could someone please remind the weather of that?