Thursday, April 10, 2008

What Good Fortune!

I can't believe it. Really. Not often does fortune smile upon us in an overwhelming way. Imagine twice in one day! Lucky, lucky me! Not only am I being offered 30% of 25 million dollars for helping transfer it for Lt. Doug McGivens with the US Military, due to be postedfrom Denmark to Venezuela any time from now, but I am also being offered 20% of 5 million dollars for helping Mr. David Olds from Thailand invest his money here since he can't there due to Thai regulations. (it's his late father's fortune just in case you were wondering)

Don't you wish you were as lucky as I am? ;)

Seriously-HOW do these things end up in my in box??


Kelsey said...

oh you are so lucky :) he he My friend actually believed that garbage and almost got ripped off....I'm dying people actually think that is real. Desperate!

Justin said...

If it works out for you, would you mind sharing just a little bit with the Dows? You know, share the wealth, please :)

It must be that you are so honest that they trust you with moving their money for them. Way to go!