Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My friends far away

For those who don't live here in my glorious happy valley, or anywhere else in the state, I'm requesting a favor. Let's call it a Gargantuan favor of mammoth proportion. Just so you know what you're in for.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, and let me just say PLEASE, if you happen to discuss this whole FLDS/Polygamist stuff with people, PLEASE clarify to them that these people are in no way shape or form part of, related to, or associating with the Mormons!!! PLEASE!!! Seriously, I cannot believe how many news outlets that consider themselves reputable are failing miserably to distinguish the difference between the LDS church and the *F*LDS church. That's kind of like saying that since originally the Protestants broke from the Catholic Church, that all Protestant Churches should be called Catholic Protestant Churches. Sounds pretty silly, no? Yah. If people are wondering what the difference is, visit and get REAL information on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, don't take some media hack word for what we believe. I have seen some of the most outrageous stuff out there lately, and it makes me nuts! The thing that kills me is that some of the meanest things I have read in papers, magazines, and online is condemning Mormons to Hell "in the name of Christianity"....well, gee, if that doesn't make a whole load of sense! lol Kind of like good old preacher Percival who insists on bringing his minions to SLC every six months to desecrate things that are sacred within the LDS church and scream and yell because he thinks he's a Christian and thinks that none of us are. That's one bright star. *sigh* I guarantee you will not find one member of the LDS church who supports in any way shape or form one bit of the lifestyle being led in Hilldale/Colorado City, or Eldorado.

And just to prove the point, go to and read the post titled "A Very Funny Email". I got this email a few weeks ago, but never even thought to put it here for the whole world to see, so I'm sending you to a friend that posted it. It kind of nails the point home.


Kelsey said...

seriously people EDUCATION MUCH?