Thursday, April 24, 2008

What do you do all day?

The forever question to stay at home moms....."WHAT do you do all day?" or more appropriately some days "What did you do all day today?" Uttered either out loud by a very brave (or maybe just naive) husband when he wanders in from work in the evening, or just under his breath if he's learned! ; )

Thankfully I've been blessed with a very gracious husband who has not uttered these words in quite some time. Sure, there was some questioning in those first days-which is understandable-but I don't think I've heard them for years. Smart man.

After being ridiculously sick for a week (strep sucks), and not doing much of anything for a few days, the house was certainly showing how I felt. You know how it goes...laundry piles up, the dishes don't get washed, floors aren't vacuumed, all that good stuff. Thankfully I have older children who did help out with some of it, but they while they are helpful, they can't exactly keep with the full daily grind of 8 people. And lest you think I am discounting my dear husband, he was wonderful as well, and was kind enough to make sure I was taken care of and do what he could around the house when he wasn't at work or church.

Well, thankfully I am feeling human again now! What a difference it makes! So I am finally feeling back up to par, and the lovely nesting instinct is peeking in occasionally. I'm waiting for it to hit me full on so I can REALLY be productive!

So to answer the question "what did you do today?", here it is: Made two crib sheets (pink, of course!), made a little dress and bloomers for unnamed baby girl (not all pink-lol), started her blessing gown, cut fabric for duvets for Jacob and Lincoln for when they make the move downstairs. Vacuumed three times (and I'm sure it'll be more), cleaned the bathroom. REALLY cleaned. like you could eat in there and not worry about it! lol And cleaned out all the cupboards and drawers as well. Exercised this morning (it's nice to feel good enough again-believe it or not I missed it last week!), cleaned out the office, did 3 loads of laundry so far, 2 of dishes, and drum roll please....cleaned out the storage room! Hallelujah! (unless you've seen it over the past two weeks, you just don't understand that) Oh, and I baked muffins, some of them from scratch! Not to mention I finally blogged again. : ) Ok, so truthfully the sewing was yesterday, but hey, sometimes the days all blend together!

And now, the living room awaits. I can't believe how dusty it gets out here. oh well, at least it isn't quite as bad as it was two years ago. Next week-the garage and the basement, and with any luck, the storage tubs and the seasonal clothing changeout. Can I tell you how much I love freecycle and the number of trips to the DI it has saved me?? Sometimes it just feels so good to cleanout.....thank goodness I have a baby every year and a half or so and nest for a few months of each pregnancy! ; )


Kelsey said...

wow...I suddenly feel lazy.....and very incompetent!
I went to the zoo....left the zoo...went to the library...left the library. Hmmmmm

justdawn said...

We all know that you just sit on your butt and eat brownies all day long;) heh

You make all of us look bad, Superwoman!

Rheanna said...

Glad to hear your feeling better, but seriously! You make me feel like I get NOTHING done :o) Once you're done nesting at your house, you're welcome to do it at mine! :o)