Monday, April 28, 2008


The adventure continues. Lincoln also learned at the end of last week to open door knobs. He is SO proud of himself. Every time he gets one open you hear a little giggle from the impish grin on his face. It is extremely entertaining and yet very irritating at the same time. Of course he figured it out just days before the anticipated move from the crib to a bed. Just in time to escape at bedtime! (let's hope he's tired enough each night to not try it.....)

I'm out of control. I remade my glider chair pads (the old ones were cheap-o and too thin) and then reupholstered them on Saturday. I got the blessing gown down minus the embellishments (but that's the fun part anyway). I do need to clip the threads that are hanging off it still, and the collar is sewn, the pins are just to keep the shape until I iron it. And I have some more fabric earmarked for two more outfits. Can't decide if I want to make her another dress, or a little bubble suit or what. hmmm.....

I think I scare Aaron when he leaves town. He never knows what project he is coming home to. Don't get me wrong, I do the projects, I don't make them for him to do, but I wouldn't be surprised if the thought of having to leave town for a week next month (for work) scares him b/c he is leaving his nesting wife home. What will he come home to?

Also got some knee socks to make baby legs. Who knew they'd be so easy? I'd much rather spend 58 cents and 15min or so putting them together than drop $12 or more a pair. Yes, I really am that cheap. Someone asked me the other day if I have certain crafts that I choose ahead of time to do, or if there is one area that I spend most of my time working in. The actual answer was "I'm too cheap to buy the things that I like, so if I see it and I like it, I figure out a way to make it."

It's 9:30. I have sent 3 kids to school, done a load of laundry, one of dishes, and all of the dishes that needed to be done by hand. Oh yah, did I mention I got the joy of helping put together the rest of a book report this morning? Seriously, someone just hit me now. (Does anyone know if Sister Whitten still wants to smack me? lol) I am SOOOOOO ready for school to be out. Only 5 more weeks. Only 3 more Mondays since today's send off is officially done and Memorial day takes up one of the remaining days.

I bought an exercise bike on Saturday. I love my elliptical, but you know, that whole pregnancy pressure thing...hips splitting apart and all that good stuff. Every once in a while it is uncomfortable to use my beloved elliptical, so I wanted another option. I like the bike. I hope Aaron is not mad at me for buying it. (and yes, keeping in line with myself, it is used and was cheap!) I like the burn it gives me. It's nice to work different muscles and not have to feel the jiggle in my backside like I'm starting to feel on the elliptical.

But hey, I can work twice as long on the elliptical at a higher speed than I could when I first bought it when Lincoln was about a month old. And not get winded. And not get my heart rate up. (what a good pregnant woman I am) It's nice to know that at 6 mo pregnant I am in better shape than I was a year and a half ago not pregnant. Hopefully the next three months won't do me in and jumping back into things postpartum this time will be easier. Faster recovery, faster return to clothes. Hey. One can hope.

I am up 17 pounds. Yes, I just put that out there for the world to see. 24-28wks is the month when usually when I put on 8-10lbs. If I keep at the rate I'm at, then at my official weigh in next Tues I will only have gained about 4 1/2-5lbs during that time. That will make me REALLY happy. And even better, I am only 2 lbs more now than when I started my pregnancy with Jacob. THAT makes me happy! Apparently that whole exercising thing actually does help. Who'd have thought?

My feet have gotten a bigger since I started having kids. THankfully I haven't gained a half a size with each baby, otherwise I would be walking around wearing canoes on my feet. But I have gone up nearly a full size over the past 10yrs. The good news: I can still very much see my feet. If I had cute little petite feet, my toes would be eclipsed by my belly by now, or in the very near future. I like to still be able to see my toes.

Speaking of toes, I am one of those freaks who must have painted toe nails. At all times. Yes, I paint my toes through the end of my pregnancy. It was a joke in the maternity ward last time I delivered. The woman just popped out her 6th kid, but her toes look great! With little flower embellishments and everything. Who knew those years in gymnastics would pay off in such a practical way all these years later. I didn't know until a few years ago that it was a privilege to be able to paint your toenails, tie your shoes and shave your legs all by yourself at the end of pregnancy. Considering how stubborn I am, it's a good thing I can still do those things at the end of the pregnancy journey.

I really love my calling in church. We had a fireside last night. It was wonderful. There is a repeat of it in three weeks. Half of the stake was supposed to be there last night. For those not near here, that would be 6 wards. 6 is half, not all of them. So the other six are supposed to join us in three weeks. There were 25 people there last night. P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C. That averages 4 people per ward. The next fireside is now for EVERYONE in the stake. The turnout had better be better. If not, oh well, their loss, but really, what am I going to do with 200 pairs of glasses with noses and moustaches on them if the turnout stinks again?

I got the most movie line answers right on my husband's blog. Wow-I can't believe I beat Chris. I can't decide if that's exciting or scary. But I got M&Ms out of it so it can't be too bad.

I had a handful of those m&ms with breakfast this morning. A bowl of oatmeal and a handful of peanut butter m&ms. Hey-it's protein.

Not only did Aaron buy me pb m&ms on Sat night, he also brought me home some Ben and Jerry's. Because he missed me on Friday night. Awwwwww.....what a good man!

Oh! Listen! can you hear it? The m&ms are calling me. I must be in need of more protein.

Oh wait. That was Jacob. He got egg on his thumb. Because he cracked an egg into the bowl of muffin mix. I guess since he has now mixed it all including the milk, I should put them in the muffin pan and in the oven. Nothing like a 5yr old who can barely read, but can decipher a recipe on the back of a box of muffin mix-use the right measurements-and just does it on his own, only calling you to turn on the oven because he doesn't know how to do that yet. I guess we're having blueberry muffins for a snack today. With peanut butter m&ms.


Justin said...

I love when you write the long random posts. They are fun to read, but you've also covered about 15 areas of your life. Good luck with Lincoln and the doors.

Heather said...

You never cease to amaze me. When I first met you, you were my idol, now you still are my idol! :)

Email me and let me know how to make those girl's leggings. My niece would love those!

Kelsey said...

that post was all over the place. Sooo random, but I liked it. Um...cute blessing dress. PLEASE let me buy you babylegs. You don't have to make everything!!
I thought that was Dal in the first picture. Sneaky!
Can't wait to put the nursery together. Hallie has HFMD and some viral rash everywhere so I can't hang out with anyone 'til Saturday! I feel like a loser.
Maybe I'll do some crafts.....ha ha

Kelsey said... should go get a pedicure. They are the best when your prego...or anytime for that matter. Splurge on yourself for goodness sakes!

Rheanna said...

Dumb question...What are babylegs? I can't believe how busy you've been! Good for you!

Michael & Tiffany said...

Love the post! I need to learn to sew from you! The blessing dress looks great and I have no idea what you are talking about with the baby legs:)

Shilo said...

Okay, so you totally need to slow down!
You make the rest of us look bad...I can't tell you how much I didn't do once I hit that halfway point.
Anyway, so very talented and at least someone keeps busy!

Ashley said...

You make me laugh!
I can hear your voice going a million miles a minute while I am reading your blog - love the random thoughts!
Love the blessing dress, I want to see it in person - and baby legs, love them!!

Ashley said...

Oh yeah, and I am loving that Jacob can muffins all by himself! I didn't know how to crack an egg until I was MARRIED!

Catey said...

Shilo-I can't comment on your blog for whatever reason, but wanted to say congrats on your little guy! So glad that he finally decided to join you-even if he was evicted! : ) I hope my labor goes as quickly this time as yours did....

~LL~ said...


Too funny.....