Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Mom, are you aware?"

....asked me dear little 9 year old daughter, "that Malia is trying to bring scrunchies back into fashion?"

"Well, the good news is that scrunchies will never be back in fashion.  I hope."

"Even her friends are wearing them to help her."

"Well, that's nice of her friends."

And then Malia arrived.
"Scrunchies will never be back in fashion," the younger sister recants with the knowing and authoritative attitude of a wise old man.


"She's right.  Sorry.  Headbands are in."


"Well, a scrunchie is kind of like a headband."

"Like a headband for your ponytail."

And in effort to not crush the accessory hopes and dreams of my girls, who decided to agree on something, I bowed out.  If my daughter wants to commit the fashion faux pas that is the scrunchie and is willing to rock it with all the self-confidence in the world, more power too her.

We should all be so brave.


XLMIC said...

When did scrunchies go out?

Dang it. I am so not with it...

Aaron said...

explain to me......EXPLAIN TO ME!

Laurie said...

"like a headband for your ponytail" good stuff :)

Niki said...

I am like XLMIC, when did scrunchies go out of style? Where have I been?

Kerri said...

Never say never... They very well could come back in...

Ashley said...

I love it! :)
Tell her to move to Japan...they never went out of style there...just sayin'

Kelsey said...

Why?! Oh dear, that is terrible. I will buy her headbands!!!!
PS. Alaina is my hero
PPS. Where the hell did she find a scrunchie?

~LL~ said...

Is a scrunchie one of those frilly bands for a ponytail? I can honestly AND proudly say I never wore one!