Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I now have the cleanest vacuum on the planet

Why is that?
You should probably know not to ask at this point.

After a restless night I started the day with a lovely stomach flu.  So fun!  Three other kids complained about being sick, so they stayed home without any questioning from me.  Even if they are faking it, I believe in quarantining the possibility that they actually might be sick, so as to not share the joy that is a stomach flu.
You're welcome.

Well, with mom a tad bit out of things and a few extra kids home, things are a notch above the normal daytime crazy.  Ok, normal daytime crazy with kids at school really is pretty mellow, but you know how Charlotte is.....
She was hungry and helped herself to some applesauce.  Fine by me, she is pretty darn self-sufficient and usually does a pretty good job getting something to eat while making minimal mess.  Ironic considering the mess she makes when she does everything else in life.  (I swear I feed her regularly, she just likes to be independent)
Well, the applesauce spilled.  All over the kitchen floor.  But as I was nursing Sam trying to get him down for a nap, my sweet little children didn't want to bother me about cleaning it up.
Lincoln to the rescue!

With the vacuum.
Yes, he vacuumed up applesauce-a fair amount of it.  Guessing from the insides of the vacuum, I would say about a cup, maybe a cup and a half.

At least he tried, right?

Thank goodness we invested in a Dyson a couple of years ago-that thing comes completely apart.  Every little last piece, making it possible to clean pretty darn thoroughly.  Any other vacuum we've ever owned would be ruined after this morning.  I love my vacuum!  And my kids.  Even when they do things like this.



XLMIC said...

I need a vacuum like that. I hear you on the quarantining; that's what I do, too ... And were I a parent at your kids' school, I would really appreciate that!

Heidi said...

I love my Dyson too! Good to know that it will clean up applesauce! ;)

Kelsey said...

oh boy! Sorry you are sick, that blows!