Monday, January 10, 2011

The end of the 5 day Fast Forward

I know some of you came back to see how the 5 day fast forward went this weekend.
It was a crazy weekend.

Also, I've put in for yet another fitness challenge that started last week, so most of my spare minutes are spent squeezing in a few more squats, running the stairs, or some other form of insanity.  But that only runs 3 more weeks.  If I survive that long.

Ok, so the official 5 day report....
Aaron went the full five days.  Thursday morning (day 4) he was down 14 pounds.  Yep, fourteen.  Hello! I neglected to measure his waist size again, so I don't know his change in inches, but there is a visible difference-to the point that people were commenting that he was looking thinner.  By Friday evening the minimal calories were no longer cutting it, so he ate a real meal Friday evening in addition to the 4 meal/5 foods thing.
I went 4 of the 5 days.  On Thursday morning I was down 7 pounds.  I too started getting comments that I was looking thinner!  (always appreciated, thank you!)  By Thursday afternoon I was really feeling it, and while I debating going through with the fifth day as well, I realized that there was no way I'd have enough in me to fuel my workouts over the weekend and keep feeding my baby if I didn't start eating more.  So starting Friday morning I went back to my normal eating, which pretty closely mirrors the rest of the Cinch plan-the full month 4 meals a day/healthy and whole foods/produce, grains, protein, plant based fats at each meal puzzle.  For me the rest of this eating plan isn't much of a change from the norm.   For my husband it is more of a change.  The portion control side of things is the biggest issue I think.  That and getting enough fruits/veggies.  So he is changing his eating habits and starts working out again this week, and I'll let you know at the end of the month how is overall 30 day change works out for him.

We did both experience the rebound when we went back to eating more, which is to be expected.  Your body kind of goes through a moment where it gets super excited to be getting more food after a pretty strict minimal caloric intake plan, so it holds on to that for a day or two before it realizes that it doesn't need to hold on because you will continue constantly fueling with more than it had for those 5 days.  So I came up a pound and a half, Aaron came up about the same.  Granted it was frustrating to see the number on the scale go up after watching it drop so much so quickly, but thankfully we both understood why that was happening, and realize it will be going down again this week, so no biggie.

Over all, I would give the jump start two thumbs up.  If you can handle eating the same foods for those days, it is a great way to kick things in to high gear, to clear out your body and to reset your eating.  I do feel better than I did in my post holiday gluttonous state (ugh).  I also hit that weight where I start feeling always happens at about the same number for me.  Good feeling!  My jeans are a little looser, which is always a treat, and I will admit that on my day off (Sunday-I always have a day off!!)  The treats I had looked forward to all week were still enjoyable, but not as fabulous as I had built them up to be.  These five days helped me more quickly reset my preferences to produce over junk food, which usually takes me a couple of weeks to do.

Today is your last day to enter the giveaway for a copy of the book Cinch!, so scroll down a couple of posts to leave a comment and enter that.  I would link it here but I'm too lazy to do that and in a hurry to squeeze in some yoga before the kidlets wake for the day.

Happy Monday!



Aaron said...

You forgot to tell them about Friday....I got the shakes and couldn't think straight.

God bless Sprite....brought me back.

Aaron said...

...and a Snicker bar.

Kelsey said...

told ya those treats wouldn't taste so great :) Did you try the list?! It's great....until Nate finds it in science class and reads it aloud. ha ha ha
Hmmmm......someone has a problem;)

Colleen said...

Glad that you liked it. ;) Thanks for the recap!

~LL~ said...

I definitely MUST get that book. I will wait for the announcement and then, if need be, go get it. I'm totally pumped.

But, I have to ask you.... OK.... gonna email.

Linda said...

Starting the 5 day tomorrow! Just prepared my lunch and hard-boiled my 5 eggs. Hoping to take off the excess 7lbs "winter coat" before my vegas bday trip...Wish me luck!

XLMIC said...

So cool and so interesting! Way to go, Aaron!