Thursday, January 13, 2011

Leaving your signature

Charlotte is a very artistic little girl.  She's not creating prodigy masterpieces or anything, but the girl loves to draw, to color, to paint...she loves to create.

It's a blast to watch her lately too, as she is very deliberate in the marks she makes.  A few months ago her big thing was circles and spirals.  She would draw a bunch of little circles all over papers.   Or she would start very small in the middle of a paper and circle outward, being very careful to make a spiral that wouldn't overlap itself.  Now her big thing is little markings that look like letters.  I have countless papers and notecards floating around my house that are sporting heiroglphyic like marks, her own little written language.
She won't say words but she tries to write them.  Hmm.

Well, sometimes one can be a little too artistic.

You do know where this is going, right?

Recently Charlotte is leaving her signature all over the house.
Her preferred medium is Sharpie.
But never fear, if she can't track one down she will happily default to a pen, pencil, crayon, colored pencil or marker-standard, or dry or wet erase.  She's not picky.
How she gets a hold of Sharpies is beyond me.  We keep them locked away and yet she will randomly be walking around with one.
Someone please tell the Sharpie fairy to stop visiting my house!

On her last Tour de House that involved a Sharpie she really outdid herself.

She started out on the banister.  *sigh*
Thanks to finding out quickly, some serious scrubbing, and some help from the pink eraser, it was saved.  I may have passed out if this hadn't come off.

She then moved to the kitchen wall.

And the island.

 A short detour through the dining room, then on down the hallway.

And to her bedroom.

But the real winner...OH yes, her grand finale.
Aaron and I were walking through surveying the damage and found Sophie trying to hide.

Yes folks,
She Sharpied........the dog.

I'll spare you the pictures of the basement.  Oy.

I have a lot of repainting to do.


Niki said...

Now, I have to know, do you stay calm during all of this? Or do you, as I know I would, freak out? Please...tell me your secret! lol

XLMIC said...

Maybe wait on the repainting? Lol. We used to have school-sized blackboards in our main hallway…that helped a little. Carys is more into ballpoint than Sharpie...on the sofas, the dining room table cover, the 'lovely' pink carpeting…

Anonymous said...

Lauryn did this.... once. I made her scrub it with a rag, for about an hour... and told her not to move until it was all off. Duh.. of course it won't come off with a rag and water. So after all the tears, I went in with the magic eraser and it all came off... thankfully! After all that "torture" she never did it again, and neither has Kyla... Brooklyn will TOTALLY be a different story, I can feel it in my bones.

Lisa said...

Oh no! Can't deny that artistic style though!

Kerri said...

Oh my!

Kelsey said...

Yes, I've been waiting for these pics. i love the art all over, it looks great. ha ha
LOVE her!!!

Becky said...

LOL! Kaitlyn does that too. One of my favorite pictures from when Carson was 3 is when he colored marker all over Kaitlyn. :-S

Mindy said...

Sorry, but that's hilarious! My Katelynn took a blue sharpy (the large tip kind) to each and every tile in my kitchen and dining room when she was 2 1/2 (I was pregnant and super sick.....she enjoyed my down time). Luckily I caught it fast & magic eraser got most of it off. There is still some in the grout though, and I had to repaint the wall.

Katie Stoddart said...

I am giggling... only because I have been there too. Abby has "graduated from coloring things to cutting things, like her hair, the dogs hair, important bills (really wished that worked to get rid of them), clothing, you name it, she has probably tried to cut it. And yes, all of our scissors are locked away too. Hmmmm there must be a scissor fairy along with the sharpie fairy.

Lora said...

Too cute Catey. I still have Joshuas signature on the office wall. Loribear

Colette said...

I'm so sorry...but this did make me smile, especially the grand finale with the poor dog being sharpied .. a classic!! lol :)

Beth said...

Oh...I've been there. My daughter (now 4) went through this phase when she was about 2...wrote on whatever was in front of her with whatever she found nearby. Hence, the banning of sharpie markers by anyone but Mom & Dad...even banned ink pens, pencils, and those supposedly washable Crayola markers. I say supposedly because they DO NOT WASH OFF. Especially carpet. And skin. And clothes...etc. Oy! I still have large sharpie swirls drawn inside our pantry closet doors and cringe every time I see them! She wrote with sharpie all over the top of her sistes new WHITE desk...seriously all over it. Luckily big sis was at school and a Mr. Clean Magic eraser and some soft scrub with bleach took it all off. Now, I notice big sis has hot pink fingernail polish smeared all over the top of the desk and am wondering why I was so worried about the sharpie marker???!!! My advice??? Wait to repaint until she's out of this phase or invest in a bucketfull of those Crayola WASHABLE crayons (they really do wash off) and Crayola pip squeak markers (they wash off with just a dream)! ;)

Laurie said...

The poor dog... that is too funny! My little brother had a problem with leaving his "signature" too. The worst spot was on my parents car... with a rock.