Thursday, December 2, 2010

And the next injury goes to.....


Come on down!

Actually, he already went down, thus the injury.

*head's up, there are pictures.  I don't think they are that bad, but if you are super squeamish, you might not want to see them*

Having done our last set of stitches while pretty darn pregnant and on a night when Aaron was at school (Charlotte's eye), the timing on this one was much better.

That sounds awful doesn't it?

"Sorry you have a hole in your head son, but your timing is great!  Thank you!"

Actually, the timing of it was rotten, but since he injured himself before the closest urgent care clinic closed for the evening and on a night when Aaron didn't have class, I will forgive him for that.

We did the prerequisite cold wet cloth on the head, laying down on the bathroom floor.  The kids are getting so proficient at this process that one of them had the cloth to his head and was steering him to the bathroom before I could even get to the scene.
As Lincoln was laying there I told him he had a pretty good cut.
He told me he wanted a band aid.
I told him he was probably going to get stitches.
He told me he wanted a band aid, not stitches.

Lincoln vs Treadmill

And somehow a balloon was also involved.
No, I can't elaborate on that.  I've learned not to ask too many questions.

A nice sized hole in the head, a peek at his skull.
(I'll spare you the pics of it pulled open)

7 stitches later he got his bandaid.  A Spiderman bandaid.

Which means those eyes are still smiling!



Rheanna said...

Poor guy!

Kelsey said...

vomit. Poor Linc :(

~LL~ said...

Don't ask. Don't tell. I'm glad he's good.

Unknown said...

Poor babe! Glad he got his bandaid!

Unknown said...

Aw... poor guy! :(

Melissa said...

Good grief. Have you ever considered wrapping your entire house and all it's contents (including people) in bubble wrap?!! Or you or Aaron could learn how to do sutures? I totally understand the whole accident prone thing. It's rough. Poor kid.

XLMIC said...

I am so impressed with the triage skills of your household! How is he doing now? That looked pretty scary and painful.