Tuesday, December 7, 2010

4 months

4 months old

Four beautiful glorious amazing months!

13lbs and 13oz of pudgy squirmy happiness

He smiles when you make kissing noises, or call him by his new nickname "Noggin"

He giggles when you kiss his neck,

tickle him on his collarbone or his feet, and play peek-a-boo

His favorite new snack is his fingers

Just a hair shy from rolling from back to front

Working on sitting up,

doing fabulously at holding up that head

And fortunately, for all parties involved, sleeping much better

 Oh my sweet Sammy James, you make me smile



XLMIC said...

Living. Doll. Really.

Saw your write up on PW... yay!

~LL~ said...


I love me some Sammy Potter!

and how "sweet" that the word verification today is "candy"

Kelsey said...

I wanna reach through the computer and SQUEEZE him! I need me some Sammy J time ASAP....like Sunday....

Rheanna said...

He's so precious!!!