Monday, December 20, 2010

I no longer hold the title

Until today I did.
This morning I still planned on holding it.

The title of being the ONLY member of my family (parents and siblings) that hasn't had a root canal.

I went in this morning for a couple of fillings and a crown.

When I say a couple of fillings I mean four.

You remember that post about not loving dental work so much?  Yeah.  Today cemented that even more firmly.

After five shots-FIVE!-to numb me up appropriately, the work began for that stinkin' crown.  After a lot of drilling the dentist turned to me and said, in a sightly worried tone, "uh...did anyone mention the possibility of a root canal?"
Through my numbed mouth I mumbled out a few sentences that he was able to interpret correctly to indicate the fact that I had been alerted to the possibility of a root canal-WAY off in the future.  The reason we were doing the crown was to avoid needing a root canal for now and hopefully for a very long time.
Turns out once he was in there working on the tooth it was worse than they thought.
Lucky me.

Impromptu root canal it was.

My appointment was at 10.  It is now 5pm and my face has almost regained feeling.

I sat in that chair for almost two hours.  After all the garbage for the root canal we moved on to fillings.  One side-the side with the root canal-went fine.  The other side, well, he started drilling.  And I started feeling it.  Um, ouch.
Enter more shots in my mouth.

Seriously, can you tell how much I thoroughly enjoyed this morning?
(please not the extreme sarcasm here)

I have said I would rather give birth than do dental work.  I am not kidding.  My word, I even look better after I give birth than after dental work!  I look like I've been in a stinkin' boxing ring all day.  Seriously. The swelling and I swear my eyes look black...I had to stop at the bank on the way home and as I apologized for my freakish inability to speak clearly due to the dental work, the teller said, "that's no really should go lie down I think...."

That's encouraging.

I came home and took 3 Ibuprofen and 2 extra strength Tylenol.  If you know how I feel about pills, you know this is serious for me.
At least I am tolerable now.
I hope.

I sincerely hope your Monday morning was more fun than mine.
Swollen, partially numb and hungry, who still hates the dentist.  And the stinkin' elf who wants to be one.


XLMIC said...

Okay, that thing I stupidly said the last time you posted about the dentist... about going to the dentist being like a spa day for me. I take it back. I am sooooo sorry you had to endure that torture. It sounds AWFUL! And just punt that lil' elf on outta the way... the nerve! A dentist! We'll fix his wagon ;-)

I do hope you heal very quickly and NEVER need that again!

Kelsey said...

I feel your pain. Welcome to the freakin club. That's interesting about the 5 shots, I swear it takes me about 5 shots and around 45 mins to get numb. Wonder if that is genetic. Sorry your day sucked!

Laurie said...

Yuck. Sorry. Hope you're feeling better today. I hate the dentist too. Bleh. :P

Unknown said...

YUCK! No fun!

Rheanna said...

That's the worst! I have yet to have a root canal (KNOCK ON WOOD!), but dental work is always some form of torture! At least now you aren't the odd man out :o)