Thursday, December 2, 2010

Right now

I'm sitting here nursing Sam, waiting for Dallin to get home.

I stink because I haven't showered yet today.  Well, actually I have showered, but mostly for the benefit of steaming out my head which starts the day throbbing with pressure thanks to this rockin' cold that I have.  After that shower, shuttling 5 kids out the door for school, nursing and changing Sam and getting Lincoln and Charli mostly presentable, we hurried out the door to a toning class for which we were 10 minutes late thanks to Sam's adjusting sleep schedulde and my lack of ability to haul my heiney out of bed at an early hour when I have a rockin' cold.
But I haven't showered after toning because I was going to come home and hop on the treadmill and bust out a few miles before I really shower and get dressed.
It's been two hours since then.
I still haven't made it to the treadmill.

I have made it through a load of dishes, a load of laundry, two loads of laundry folded, ordering (free!!!)  glasses online and snacks for Lincoln and Charli.
Sam took a short nap and then watched me do laundry, before he started fussing again because he wanted to eat.  Which puts me back here. Nursing Sam.

Still hoping to make it to the treadmill.

But I feel this desperate need to clean up when he finishes eating, because a very kind neighbor of ours who does furnace stuff is coming to clean our furnace.  He was here yesterday, arriving right after I got home from my eye appointment, to a house where kids had been fending for themselves without parental supervision.  Despite the pleading to clean up while I was at said appointment, well, I'm sure you can imagine how things looked when i got home.  In the kids defense, I told them that the most important thing to take care of was making sure that Charlotte didn't die/kill someone/burn the house down/draw on anything with a Sharpie, and they made sure none of those things happened.  Yay kids!
Anyway, said kind neighbor saw the house at it's finest.
And when I say "finest", I am being horribly sarcastic.  Just in case you didn't catch that.

Thinking I was being sneaky, I tossed stuff into my bedroom and the office and another room, not realizing that every vent in the house was being checked.  *sigh*  Brilliant on my part.  So Bill got to see the strung out mess and the hot spots.

Thus I feel the need to clean up at least a little so that he thinks that what he saw last night was the exception and not the rule.  Not sure why it matters.

I suppose it's good to be humbled?

So clean up, then treadmill, then shower.

Because I want a shower.  I need a shower.
Have I mentioned I have a cold that is rockin' my world?  And not in a good way.  My head might explode.

And while we are on the subject of showers, am I the only one irritated with the "I just don't have time to shower!" argument?  If you want a shower, take a shower.  Get up before your kids.  Take it during nap time.  Heck, shower at night after you put your kids to bed!  (because you should be putting your kids to bed before you go to bed.  Why do so many people not get this?)  Sure the occasional super crazy day happens and it's the afternoon before you realize you haven't showered yet, and yes, there will be days when you are so incredibly busy that you fall into bed when everything is finally done, too exhausted to get up and go shower, but this should not be the norm ladies!  For goodness sake, if you want a shower, make time for it.

And on a similar note, please get dressed when you go out in public.  This whole wearing jammies/slippers/sweats thing to go shopping...that's what online shopping is for people.  Put some clothes on.  I know it's just Walmart, but come on.  Yes, I will admit I've stopped at the store post some kind of event that had me stinking and wearing running clothes, so it's probably hypocritical of me to say that. But still, sweaty funky running gear is still not pajamas.  And even with the stink, at least it's not frumpy.

Who knew I had so much pent up angst going on today.  Such the shining example of how to lose friends and alienate people today, huh?
Maybe it's the giant zit right under my right nostril that makes constant nose blowing twice as irritating.  (have I mentioned I have a rockin' cold?)
Maybe it's just the cold.
Maybe it's that I need a shower.

Hmmm.....I see a theory evolving of strung out moms, showers, and wardrobe choices.....

But before I can attack that I need a shower.

After I hit the treadmill.

After I burp Sam, change another diaper, switch out the laundry, empty the dishwasher, get the kids lunch, and mop up the living room floor because Dallin brought home a plastic sack full of snow that happened to break open shortly after he stepped in the front door.

But first-I will forward today's Groupon deal for Pole-dancing classes to my cute friend Ashely.
Because inside jokes are second only to having good friends with which you have inside jokes.



Unknown said...

Feel better soon and good luck with the shower!

Aaron said...

Pole dancing?!?
I'll stop by Home Depot on the way home and pick up a pole...

Aaron said...

On second thought....lets wait until your nose won't explode all over me. Hanging upside down has that effect on you.

~LL~ said...

The dude checking your vents.... did you have any "unmentionables" out for him to see? A friend should see "unmentionables."

Pop the zit.

Ditto on the jammies to school.... Not. Cool.

Double-dit on the shower. Actually, I think the underlying pet peeve is the whining that so often happens without people actually doing something to fix the problem. It annoys me, too....

OK.... I'm done

Catey said...

Aaron, you worry me sometimes.

No, thank goodness!
It is popped, just at that nasty post pop, tender gross stage.
Thank you.
Double thank you. I agree. It's the whining and the "well, I just can't (won't) fix it" attitude. Get over it! :P

Catey said...

Oh, and thank you Lisa! :)

Also, thanks to nap time and Netflix I got the shower in before 3! ;)

XLMIC said...

Aaron, make sure that pole is appropriately anchored top and bottom. Have you seen the youtube where it wasn't?

Just say NO to jammies in public…unless one is sick then maybe. But there are so many other "interesting" wardrobe choices we could go off on as well ;-)

Glad you got that shower in!

Laurie said...

Yeah, I agree with the jammies in public. Even when I've had to go out in the middle of the night, I at least throw on some jeans...

Every time I think I have it rough with my 4 kids, I read your blog and feel so guilty that I ever complain. You totally rock!

Kelsey said...

I love that you get dressed up to go to the store.....GSkip! ha ha