Tuesday, December 21, 2010

HBBC Check in. And stuff.

OK. that little novocaine induced angry elf that stopped by yesterday is gone.


Not nearly as much pain/tenderness as I expected today, much to my relief.  And I've got to hand it to this new dentist....he just called to check on me, see how I was feeling and how my mouth was fairing.  At 6:30 at night.  I mentioned there was a rough spot where one of the fillings is, he said it's likely just a little extra composite, but if it's annoying to stop by anytime and he'll take care of it.  Two thumbs up dentist.

We got a bunch of snow overnight-woke up to 8 new inches (the kids measured) and it kept snowing for a bit after that, so we ended up with a little more.  Absolutely beautiful!  And it kept the kids thoroughly entertained all day.  My beautifully peaceful untouched snowy front yard (one of my favorite winter things) is no more, since the kids built an igloo there after all the play in the backyard tromped that snow too much.  It may not be picturesque, but it sure is cool.

Also, Sam is sick today, it's hard to be ornery when your baby is so sad looking.  Poor kid is floating around 101* and is just sleepy and miserable....hopefully it leaves quickly.  His sad little whimper of a cry is just, well, sad.

As the title suggests, I'm publicly checking in on this little challenge.  The Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge if you missed that the first time around.  Just a couple more weeks left....time to kick things in to high gear.  I'm nowhere near the level of those who will win, but after a couple of really pathetic weeks, I'm anxious to hit a big number again.  Week 1 was 38 points, week 2 at 27.5-just shy of my goal of 30 points per week.  Then I got that nasty cold.  And so did everyone else.  Then my knee issues decided to peak, plus the performances and parties and all that jazz really cramped my points.  A sad 16.5 in week 3, and a really sad 13 in week 4.
Working to change that this week!  So far I'm at 8 points for today alone (woo-hoo!).  Today is also the first time I have been able to run-at all-in 10 days.  That nasty achey soreness turned into a fully seized knee mid-run on the Friday before last.  Made for an interesting few hours.  I've not ever had a body part just plain stop working on me and be stuck in one position so that was a new experience.   The good news is that I was able to hop off the treadmill without falling.  Thank goodness!  Falling on the treadmill is one of my fears.  Apparently I've watched too much Biggest Loser or something.  I wasn't able to run much today, I hit 1.65 miles when I started getting those shockwave warnings in my knee cluing me in that is was time to stop running NOW, but I was able to walk it off without any pain so that is encouraging.  I also made it through a boot camp class this morning with a mostly cooperative knee.  Reeeeeeally hoping it will continue to do better and I can avoid a dr for whatever this issue is.

The other challenge I signed up for was the Maintain Don't Gain challenge.
Happy to say that it is smooth sailing there too!  Thankfully I'm doing a little better than just maintaining, and actually have dropped a couple of pounds.  Let's see if I can succeed in not regaining them over the next week!  This whole accountability thing works well for me!  The small jeans fitting is a big motivator too!  Don't want those to stop fitting after I've finally made it back to them, and done so faster than after any other babies!

Speaking of dropping a couple of pounds, I was sent a book to review that I am really enjoying.  It's called Cinch!  by Cynthia Sass, and I can't wait to give it all a try-on my guinea pig husband!  He's dying to drop some weight since that whole schoolworkfamilycrazylife thing has caught up to him over the year and he's packed on some pounds.  Great info about healthy eating, and some fabulous recipes too.  Review when I finish the book....and I think we need a giveaway with that review too.  Oh, ok!  Giveaway it will be!  Stay tuned for that, just in time for New Year's resolutions.

And now I'm off to cuddle my sick little guy, while Aaron is out taking his last final of the year!

Happy Tuesday!



Kelsey said...

bahahaha falling off the treadmill hurts. I did it at mom's and broke several key chains :)

Catey said...

bahahahaha! You fell off?! YOU are the keychain culprit! My kids kept getting pinned....hmmmm....

XLMIC said...

Take care of that knee! Glad you did give it a bit of rest and are listening to it. And snow... so envious... for like a day and a half ;-) My kids would flip. They've never seen real snow. And btw... I tagged you with a silly game... but I also know you have A LOT going on... so no worries if it doesn't happen :)