Tuesday, March 2, 2010

When will the lure of the $10 gift card no longer be enough?

I have issues with Target.

First off, who doesn't love Target? Hello? Exactly. Everyone loves Target.

The closest Target is roughly 25 minutes away from my house. Not exactly convenient. That's fine, it's within a minute of the closest Home Depot, Lowes and Costco. Also Cafe Rio. Which is worth the drive by itself. Mmmm.....Cafe Rio......

But I digress. When you live in the middle of nowhere, 25 minutes isn't that far away. You get used to it. We are there often enough. I try to combine trips and rarely go just to Target. I'll go on my monthly Costco shopping day, or when I'm already out that direction for something else.
(like maybe Cafe Rio....mmmm....Cafe Rio....)

Enter the Target bribery.

The coupon calls to me.... "fill your prescription here and get a $10 gift card!"

Who doesn't want a $10 gift card to Target? That's right-nobody! Everyone is happy with a Target gift card! Especially when the clearance racks are stacked! Woo-hoo Target clearance!

Darn Target gift cards.

When the stars align and I am out that direction, AND happen to need a prescription filled, AND have the coupon.....well, it's a trifecta of elements that create the perfect storm. It's too good to resist.

I hate the Target Pharmacy. Not all of them per se, but the one at the Target closest to me. Really hate it. HATE it.

First time we filled there for benefit of the gift card?

Second time? Not so flawless. They put my Rx under a different person's name. My birthdate and phone number, different name. Good thing I knew exactly what I was there for. It took nearly 10 minutes, and a call to my dr to straighten everything out. Not sure why I'd lie about Prednisone and Erythromycin-it's not like I was picking up something fun like Percocet. Anyway, after finally clearing up the mix-up (or so I thought), they reconfirmed my name, birthdate and address. They got my name right. Back to square one.
And then I realized two days later that I was shorted a few prednisone. Whatever. I adjusted the taper of the dosage myself (yes, my dr knew, it was safe I promise). It was absolutely not worth the drive back up there.

Third try was this week. I was sick as a dog (like I am most days still-ugh), but let's face it, when grocery shopping needs to be done, it needs to be done. The monthly shopping trip, plus Costco run. THE shopping trip. You know, the one that often involves two shopping carts for me. That one.
4 kids in tow, me feeling like garbage and 30 minutes later, the Target pharmacy tells me that my son has been cancelled from our insurance plan. Excuse me? Oh also, since he's been canceled, they are telling my his Rx will cost $160. Uh....NO. So the pharmacy assistant (who is likely all of 12 years old, and has the social skills of that age set) says "let me check again."
5 seconds pass. My children are now trying to eat each other and I am trying not to vomit all over them or just pass out from the sheer exhaustion of hauling my seriously fatigued and nauseous hiney out of the house.
"Yep, it's not there. It will be $160."
Also, there are roughly 173 people now in line behind me and my little angels that are being threatened through my clenched teeth to knock it off or suffer the consequences.

I leave.

The prescription is still there. Three days later. I called the pharmacy back to make sure they had the correct information-which it turns out they DID-on my file, which is where they supposedly got the information in the first place. One slight change in our insurance info this year. When my Rx there was filled-also this year- it all was fine. But suddenly, the world is over and we have no coverage. Thank you 12 year old pharmacy assistant.

(also I came to my senses and just went home. Then dragged my husband out after the children were in bed that night and made him do shopping with me. It was lovely. I'm sure he thoroughly enjoyed the couponing/price-matching madness. at 10pm. Just ask him.)

Target, you try my patience.
You and your darn $10 gift card with new or transferred prescription.

I do not believe I will ever be able to ignore the call of the red bullseye, but your pharmacy? No longer worth it. I will now gladly fork over an extra $10 to cover my purchase, and move my drugs back over to my local grocery store where I can count on the excitable middle aged guy with hair like Einstein's to fill them properly. Thankyouverymuch.

(aka-the angry elf drowning in a sea of pregnancy hormones)


Geneve said...

I know the Einstein pharmacist you are talking about, and I like him too. Closer is better when it comes to prescriptions!

Kelsey said...

I own Target....errrr...do they own me?

Ashley said...

I have a funny story about the Einstein guy at Smith's - remind me to tell you!
Also, Walgreen's gives you $25 to switch...no bullseye...but you could learn to love Walgreen's...

Heidi B C said...

I didn't know that about Walgreen's....is that all the time!!?? Anyway. I did the same thing for that silly little gift card. I've also noticed that Target has like 50 people working in their pharmacy all at the same time. Have you noticed how many people they have back there or is it me? Seriously! Do you need that many people to fill 2 prescriptions?? Hmmmm.

~LL~ said...