Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Princess and the Frog

I'm sure this post is going to really bug some people. And tick a few of you off. And make most, if not all of you roll your eyes.

It's all good!
Most of you already know I'm nuts, so no harm no foul.

Am I the only person who didn't love this movie? Specifically, am I the only person out there was bugged by the Voo-doo? Seriously-to the point that my kids haven't seen this movie. We are big Disney movie people, we get them all. We will not be getting this movie.

I loved some of the characters, I enjoyed some parts of the movie. And kudos to Tiana for not selling out for what she thought she wanted most. But really-not enough to get me over how dark and evil all the voo-doo was. NOT cool. At all. Just not.

I am also floored at how many people who have caused a stink about other Disney movies (this princess is too immodest, this movie has too much sexual innuendo, this villain is too scary) just loooove this movie so much. Really?

I thought maybe since I was multi-tasking the first time I saw it that I just happened to catch all the dark parts and miss the rest. So I tried it again, and let two of my boys watch part of it with me.

Nope. Feelings didn't change. And the parts that the boys saw bothered them. Hmmm....

Of course I was the one that people looked at funny because the voo-doo stuff in the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie bothered me. *shrug*

Just sayin'.



Anonymous said...

Ryan took Lauryn to see that in the theater. When they came back I asked how it was, and his response was, "We WILL NOT be buying that movie!"

So, we haven't. He said exactly what you said... dark and voo-doo.

Kelsey said...

you know we LOVE that movie in our house.
I love me some Voo Doo :) he he