Saturday, March 20, 2010

Race Envy and a Fabulous Four

I just got back from a run. The first time I've run outside in weeks. Between being entirely too sick still and the frigid temps, I just didn't have it in me.

But the elliptical has been my friend during these cold days. Thank goodness! Still, just not the same as running.

And then last night Aaron and I were headed home from the store. Our would be date night. Hey, when going to the grocery store to pick up your favorite foods to come home and enjoy after the kids are in bed is all that's available, it's worth it!

And so we went to get THE pizza (Freschetta-if you haven't tried it, you must), and I happened to snag a few other things I realized I was craving once I got there (Chips Ahoy, Chunky Chips Ahoy, Lucky Charms, Milky Way, Coconut M&Ms, Simply Lemonade, Sprite, Lime Sherbet, garlic know, just a few of the basics. Hey-baby is hungry!).

Point being:
On the way home from the store we took the back roads. And all along the back roads were the cones. The stacks and stacks of big orange cones. My heart went pitter patter. And then we passed the Port-a-Potty. Seriously? The thing almost made me swoon. My legs got all jittery and I wanted more than anything to go run!! It was dark and frigid and starting to snow, and I wanted to run. We were driving down the road where the local half marathon would be tomorrow. The half I wanted to run since the day I found out about it. The "this will be my only pregnancy distance race I swear!" half marathon.

But alas, winter plus never ending morning (all day) sickness plus fatigue equals not nearly enough miles to be ready to run a half. Especially pregnant. *sigh* Being one of those all or nothing people-either I run the whole distance or it's not worth it-and knowing that I would likely end up walking too much of it for me to stand, I had to let go.

Which was ok when it was frigid this morning and I got the race report (from my favorite crazy runner friend who rocked it again at just over 1:30!!) that it went up every possible hill.

And especially because I got out to run on my own this afternoon.

I made my husband drop me off so I could just home instead of out and back. It was so sunny I was able to run in capris and a tee! wahoo! The fields were beautiful-a million different colors of yellow.
And I kid you not-as I was thinking to myself, "wow! the valley looks so beautiful today, so many colors of yellow and gold!"-a gold balloon came floating toward me. In the middle of nowhere. Right towards my face. What the heck? It was great.

So though it was way short of the 13.1 I had hoped to have under my belt today, all things considered it was an amazing run. Four fabulous miles, of feeling amazing, keeping a good pace, and running with a smile on my face.

You know it's good when you are singing along with the good old ipod at the top of your lungs.

(I can do that out here. I run in the middle of nowhere. There's not many people around. Except the cyclist who flew past me in the middle of belting it out.
Dear cyclist in the orange jacket: I hope you enjoyed my serenade in the middle of your ride today. I got a good laugh out of the fact that someone caught me singing. I hope you did too.
Sincerely, Me)

It's been so many weeks since I've gotten in a good outdoor run that I'd forgotten the high I get from it. I am SO happy that we are getting a taste of better weather, and hope that the weather, and my body will cooperate for many weeks to come so I can get my running fix in there!

Also, I didn't wet my pants which was an awesome bonus.