Wednesday, March 10, 2010


You know what they say about paybacks.

That part about them resembling my most frequently visited emotional state as of late.

And so it is only fair that I share the experience I had this week.

You see, I was a procrastinator as a child.

Ha-I say "was" like I don't do it anymore. Uh, of course I don't....yeah....

But I'm specifically thinking of school projects. I was awful. I just put them off and put them off....I remember in 8th grade not even doing my science fair project until the night before.
I know. Don't tell my kids.
And yes, I owe my parents an apology.

So it was only fair that last night we would be frantically working to help my son get his County report finished. And the big display poster that went with it.
And again this morning.

But it got done!
And it looked good!
And he really did do the work! (though I will admit I typed much of it for him as he dictated)

The stress....OH, the stress! It was awful.
This will not happen again. ever!

But here's the real kicker. He came home today and shared this lovely little tidbit.
The due date was the 17th. That's right. NEXT week.
What the heck?! How did we do that?

At least we won't be up all hours of the night on the 16th doing the project.



Kelsey said...

oh shiz, I am in BIG trouble then.
I did my best work the night before :)