Friday, March 12, 2010

And there it is!

At 16 weeks and change there are plenty of people who aren't even feeling their baby move yet. Heck, if you go by the books, it looks like most people aren't. During a couple of my pregnancies that has been the case for me.

Apparently I'm growing a super active one in there this time.

Not only did I start feeling strong pronounced movement earlier than with any of my others (12 weeks), last night Aaron felt baby moving already! Hello! Not usually something that happens for a few more weeks.

Baby was being so jumpy that I though I'd give it a shot. My hand was on my belly and I couldn't quite tell if I was just really feeling it on the inside or if I was actually feeling it outside too. So I grabbed his hand and put it right over baby.

"Do you feel that?!"

Not 3 seconds passed when he said "Oh yeah! It's faint out here still, but I feel it!"

And there you have it. Yet one more child who is trying to outdo it's siblings. And getting a very early start at it.


Kelsey said...

that's cause he rox :) I felt Cole at 14weeks, and almost gave up my cover because I was sooooo shocked. Way early for me.