Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Hey, it's Tuesday again and I'm posting about Monday.

The Marvelous Madness and Mayhem of Monday.

First, I had to kiss the Mac goodbye for the next week. *gulp*

Thank goodness for a husband who has a laptop for work. And for him being on call this week so he HAS to bring it home every night. Also thank goodness for buying the extended warranty on the computer even though nothing ever goes wrong with a Mac. 'Cause apparently computers will be computers and every once in a while you end up with one that feels the need to just have the hard drive kill itself one day.

What does that say about us that our computer tried to commit suicide? Hmmm.

Despite my lack of regularity with it, I'm still trying to be committed to Making a Happy Home Monday. This week it was completed by making it through the day.

I'm kidding. Really. Mostly.

If you've ever met me, read this blog, or peeked into my laundry room, you know my feelings on ironing. It was time to suck it up and do it again. If you have 9 people in your house I suggest ironing more than once a month (and every Saturday night to make sure church clothes are ready for Sunday morning). In the past two days I have ironed over 100 pieces of clothing. It's nice not to have empty closets anymore. And I'll try not to let the ironing pile literally reach the ceiling again.


See that blank spot?

You think I'm kidding when I say the pile reached the ceiling.

I'm not.

The best part of Monday this week was that it really was a happy home here. A crazy, messy, wild and noisy, but very happy home.

Art projects galore, quasi-mosaic.

Face Painting.

Dessert that tasted wonderful even though it looked horrific.

Watch for that post. It'll be a good one I'm sure.

And my favorite part of the day: the moment when my 9yr old ran into the house, slammed the front door, threw his bike helmet into the dining room as he ran down the hall covered in mud and wearing one shoe yelling "THERE'S NO TIME TO EXPLAIN!!" before he ducked into the bathroom.
Uh, ok.

Obviously I wasn't going to just ignore that.

Upon reaching the bathroom, I saw him filling the sink, and plop went the tadpole.

Into my bathroom sink. The tadpole that he had caught with his shoe. Which explained why when he ran into the house one foot was bare.

Still trying to figure out why he put the helmet back on after depositing the tadpole in the sink.

Typically the big puddles are all dried up by this time of year and the tadpoles are long gone, but since geography seems to have shifted and brought Seattle down to the desert for the last month, the parks are still wet, the little ponds are still there, and I now have a bowl full of tadpoles on my kitchen counter. Because of course one kid bringing one tadpole home sparked a need for an army of kids and their plastic cups and buckets following in his footsteps and bringing home all sorts of amphibians in mid-morph.

I guess 6 dogs isn't enough in the animal department, and since all the fish died, that empty fish bowl needed something living in it.

But I think the kids may be catching on the the fact that over half of the tadpoles have been divied out to other neighborhood kids who have expressed interest. Since we gave the fish tank away I'm going to have to figure out some kind of home for these little creatures that will have legs by the end of the week. Time to get creative.

But hey, throw in a good run at the end of the night, and all in all, it's a heckuva way to start a new week.

Besides, since I can't even do so much as check my email until the end of the day this week, this should be the start of a VERY productive week.



Kelsey said...

peeing! Brewer and I used to catch those all the time, so fun!
love the face painting. hallie would freak.

Lisa said...

Loving the face paint!

Big Daddy said...

Great job Tayolr! Who would have thought you could cary a tadpole in your shoe? That there is a on the spot thinker. As far as where to put the tadpoles when they get legs, I find the toilet a great place. Sooner or later they decide it is better to go to the bathroom then preserve the tadpole.

Who is the blue and yellow alien?