Monday, July 27, 2009

Making a Happy Home Monday

I have been on one of those rampages again lately. The good kind. You know, the kind that my husband doesn't mind. Or maybe it just drives him crazy in a different way and I don't notice. Who knows.

Every once in a while I just get bitten by that "holy crud! Everything just needs to be done!" bug. Which results in closets being cleaned out, drawers being organized, that kitchen counter FINALLY being cleaned off, all the little knicks in the wall being retouched, and today, the laundry room being totally cleaned out.

Our laundry room is just off the living room (I know, brilliant, right?), and serves as the entry to the house from the garage, so it's kind of like a short wide hallway. As much as I love having the laundry on the main floor and not in the basement, right off the living room is kind of odd. And with as much laundry as we go through and the fact that it is a convenient location for throwing everything that ends up in the living room that shouldn't be in the living room when someone drops by with short notice, I will readily admit that it is a rarity to be able to walk-unobstructed-from the garage to the living room or vice versa.

But now, hooray!
Yes people, this means that I get to hear that glorious proclamation from my husband that I heard a few weeks ago for the first time in a long time.
Those sweet words, "Hey! I can walk through the laundry room again!"

It makes me want to do a little happy dance in my happy yellow laundry room.


Kelsey said...

you are sick. My house is calling your name

~LL~ said...

YEAH! I have a laundry "area" kind of like that. Maybe I should post pics. Don't you love those laundry separaters on wheels? I have 2 that I use for mine, hubby's and the youngers' clothing. The older boys put theirs in their own hampers so that they may do their own laundry on their laundry day.

Love you for posting with me! Thanks!!!

Lisa said...

Looks GREAT! I think that I should have gotten the pedestals for our washer and dryer ... I bet it makes a huge difference!

Aaron said...

Doesn't drive me that mess up the wonderful things you

Stacy said...

That is one happy laundry room! I'd be one happy girl if I HAD a laundry room (don't get me started:)