Monday, January 19, 2009

Really? REALLY?







Since Sleep evades me in my current state, and the only other thing I really want to do is eat, I'm blogging instead. Besides, maybe it will give LL something else to chuckle at. Thanks btw for laughing, the mental picture of you trying not to laugh actually made me laugh. :)

I think I may not ever leave the house again. At least not on haircut day.

Go ahead over to Aaron's blog, check out the video. Read the story. Riiiiight. Dallin's idea. uh-huh. You can tell it was a day I wasn't home.  Note the stuff everywhere, no one's hair combed (including Malia's, although I suppose that won't be a problem for most of them anymore), yadda yadda yadda, *sigh*  Apparently I was gone too long.  It's a good thing I love my husband.

So why am I afraid of my parents' reaction when they get home from their vacation next weekend?

This is what happens when I let Aaron watch old home movies. He and Taylor were Dr Evil and Mini Me for Halloween one year. It was cute. It was funny.  Really.  It's not Halloween. It's January.

Oh well.

It'll grow back.  

And it made it really easy to spot the kids in the hallway at church.  The little glowing white beacons dodging back and forth.  I do feel bad for the people who sat behind us on Sunday though, they nearly needed sunglasses. 

If you see a big red handprint on my husband's bald head, you'll know why.


Lisa said...

Oh no he didn't!! I would completely kill Archie if he pulled that one! Aaron better be glad you're so forgiving and that they all maintained their cuteness despite their baldness! :)

Aaron said... grows back. I didn't know I was so hideous without hair.

mom24boys said...

Oh Catey! I feel your pain--my 12 and 13 year olds did this to each other exactly a year ago. We were thrilled that they had hair for Easter. Meanwhile, our little alter servers were quite the spectacle! BOYS!!! My dh wanted them to see a psychiatrist bc they clearly "hate themselves". I asked him if he had looked in a mirror lately? They looked like triplets! Bald is back, baby! ;)

Catey said...

Aaron-YOU are not hideous w/out hair. In fact, you look GREAT without hair. They aren't "hideous" either, just looking a little different for a while.....

I know it'll grow back-that's what makes it ok!

Kelsey said...

you know how I feel!
Aaron, you don't look hideous without look hideous with it :) he he

Big Daddy said...

I watched your reaction and I was impressed. I think I would have been commanded to turn off the camera and then disemboweled!

Justin said...

I went over there Saturday soon after the procedure, before you got home. I asked Aaron since it was done who had the best head. His reply was, "I do." So it is good that they boys hair will grow back : ) They look good though.

Michael and Tiffany said...

Too funny! I wondered about that on Sunday :)

~LL~ said...

I'M LMBO!!!!!

Ruth Done said...

They looked so cute on sunday and you could tell they were proud to look just like their dad (not saying that's a good thing) j/k.

Mindy said...

Your husband is still alive??! I nearly killed my husband for cutting my son's curls off when I was gone "too long"! (Instead I just cried.) The next time he sucked it up and spent money on a real hair cut--I think I scared him after the previous experience ;)