Monday, January 19, 2009

Out damn'd spot! Out I say!

For those of you who didn't sleep through high school English, you'll probably recognize this from MacBeth.

What you may not know is that it is also from a lesser know entry in the Dick and Jane readers, when Mother has finally had it with the dog.

This is also the thought that runs through my mind every time I look in the mirror lately.

Spot was my nickname as a kid.
I know, seems mean to call your kid by a name typically reserved for dogs, but I think it's safe to say that I earned it.

I'm in the middle of about the worst outbreak I think I've ever had. I suppose the good news is that it's January so people don't look at me strange when I'm covered as much as humanly possible. That was a little awkward last time this happened, as it was the end of April, then into May and June when I was wandering around looking like a leper. Good times.  Those are the days when a burka doesn't sound so bad.

Just in case anyone was wondering, it's actually a form of psoriasis called guttate psoriasis. I had strep two weeks ago, but apparently didn't get it treated fast enough. When this happens to me my immune system freaks out and voila, I explode in this lovely little display. I'm kind of torqued that it's made me so freakishly sick this time. No, I'm not posting pictures of it, although if you've seen me, it's pretty hard to miss. Last time my face was mostly spared, this time-not so much. And yesterday brought an oh-so-exciting twist when it also appeared on my feet, including the soles, as well as inside my mouth.

Wait-let's hit the numbers here. Of those with psoriasis my form is "rare (affecting approximately 10% of psoriasis sufferers), usually afflicting young adults between the ages of 14-30." Apparently my immune system didn't get the memo that I hit that milestone birthday last year. Although the first time I had it I was also only about 10yrs old, so whatever. Also I figured that couldn't possibly be what was bothering my mouth yesterday so I did a little research. Oh look-yet another "relatively uncommon" thing (I think I found an estimate of roughly 3%?)-even for those with severe psoriasis, that I've managed to drum up. My biggest fear is that the massive stiffness that has just completely taken over me for the past few days is due to psoriatic arthritis, something I really really REALLY do not want to tack on to my list of new additions to this game. It got bad enough that I ended up spending Friday in bed (hopefully that will be the only day completely down), and it has totally put me behind in everything I do every day. Which explains why I haven't been caught up on emails and everything else any of you may be waiting on-sorry!

So-for those nearby, NO, I'm not contagious. Thank goodness! Your kids can still play with my kids and they won't walk away with any freak germs or anything. And if you see me walking funny, it's just the spots on the feet. Or if I sound funny when I talk now, it's just the ones in the mouth. And yes I'm still functional, and completely stubborn. : )

SO-what's the good news in all of this? It's not on the palms of my hands-Hallelujah!!!  Also, one of the first things the dermatologist always tells me (in a very forceful manner with his eyes bugging out-fun guy) is "eliminate anything extra!  You are not allowed any stress.  NO stress."  Ok, I really do try.  I have almost completely cleared everything from my schedule for the next month+.  And last but certainly not least, one of the prescribed treatments that really does make a difference in this whole shebang is phototherapy. Yay!  I'm all for a good tan in the middle of winter-especially when it comes sans guilt at the direction of a dermatologist. Now if I could only get the insurance to just buy me my own light bed.....


Kelsey said...

I thought you were announcing your period. ha ha
Do you think you could get your insurance to buy you a spray tanner too? That would be great.
Sorry about your spots. They are not as bad as you think.

Justin said...

Let us know if you need anything. It does sound miserable. Sorry you feel so uncomfortable. You do a great job hiding it though.

Lisa said...

Oh no! I hope it clears up soon!

Becky said...

One of my good friends had the same thing happen a bit ago and it's also on her face.. you have my sympathy. Ugh.

"eliminate anything extra! You are not allowed any stress. NO stress"

So apparently Aaron didn't get that memo before cutting the boys hair??? ;o)