Monday, January 5, 2009

Reality does, in fact, bite

Because despite the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed eating myself sick and for the most part just not exercising for the past month+, it has caught up with me. A lovely extra 4 pounds to go back to working off. Think thin thoughts, right?

Oh well! It all tasted good!!!

At least it was a good reminder that what you eat really does make a difference in how you feel! (and how well you fight off sickness! blech. ) So now I'm ready and raring to go with the new goals and all that rot.

Since today marks my fresh new start that we all seem to crave with a new year, I'm happy to say that I'm being much better! For some reason I can't do that whole Jan 1 start thing, I need the first Monday of the year to get myself in gear. I think it's just the holiday hangover thing (no, not from alcohol!). Besides, who really wants to get up early and start working out and all that after a New Year's Eve party? not me. Thus, I start today!

Thankfully with that standard weight-loss goal I get other motivating starts at random times not in Jan (every time I have a baby!), and since I thankfully did well enough with that one last time around, the bounce back there shouldn't be too tough, right? (crossing fingers) And then considering that I have to be accountable to those who are doing the triathlon with me, I should have plenty of motivation. Although I will admit that the main motivation here come in the form of the jeans a size smaller that I bought in Nov, fit me perfectly in Nov, and now fit snugly on the hips carrying the extra 4lbs from the holidays. Hey, a girl appreciates a pair of jeans that fit well! Especially with a smaller number! : )

All right-enough with that!

Other than getting my hiney in gear, I'm hoping to be much more organized than I have been lately. I'm hoping to join my friend LL in the weekly "Making a Happy Home Monday" blogging. I have actually been trying to do it, I just haven't taken pics and posted, so I'd like to get around to that.
I'd like to be better organized with schooling, and make sure we are getting plenty of FUN activities worked in. On the calendar so far: Space camp and Ice skating. Looking forward to both of those.

I'd like to learn something new, and improve some of the old things too. : )

Mostly, I'd like to improve the way I act, specifically the example I set for my kids and the way I spend my time. I keep hearing in my mind a line from one of my favorite movies, The Other Side of Heaven. (if you haven't seen it, go watch it!). "I must set a better example." Although spoken by Tomasi with the accent, it sounds much better! It is silly of me to expect my children to speak gently if I raise my voice. It is silly of me to expect them to be patient with one another if I don't first set a better example by being more patient with them. Why should I expect them to keep their rooms clean if I don't set a better example with my own room?
As far as the way I spend my time-I need to be more discriminatory with my choices, especially in entertainment. While I don't think my choices are particularly bad, I can think of a few movies I could have (and probably should have) turned off recently. I remember how liberated I felt when we got rid of our tv (reception), suddenly we had so much time! Now I fear we've let the computer encroach upon that too much. Movies as well. I'd like to spend a whole lot less time with a screen on!

I look forward to the changes that I can make in my life in the coming months; to learning and growing and improving. I look forward to the changes that will happen with our family as each of the kids grow and learn this never ceases to amaze me just how much they change over a short period of time.

Here's to a new year!

(and eventually to a few minutes to throw together some pictures of Christmas so I can put those up!)


Kelsey said...

and I was just going to throw up a post for you. Maybe I still will and it will be a surprise

Lisa said...


I have no doubt whatsoever that you will reach your goals and then some!

Aaron said...

Sheesh....I guess that means I have to do it too huh.......DANG IT!

Mark2 said...

That is very inspiring Catey. Michelle and I have been talking about cutting the Dish Network even though it's down to only local channels. My kids are loving PBS and every once in a while they leave it on after the cartoons are over and watch a BYU fireside. Hard to complain about that.

Good luck! And Aaron, I'm sorry. ;)

Marion said...

I hear you about the 1st Monday of the month. What a great list. Good luck!

~LL~ said...

You can do it! I have so been thinking about the example thing, too. It came to mind when we were visiting family and I was hearing how other moms were talking to their kids...voices raised when there was no need...and being a bit insulting in tone. I know I tend to be that way.....that is something I'm working on changing.

I look forward to seeing you on Monday :D