Monday, January 12, 2009

Making a Happy Home Monday

I check my friend LL's blog every Monday to see what she's been up to. I LOVE this idea! It often seems so overwhelming to get the house put back together after the weekend (what is it about Saturday and Sunday??), and this is a fun little tidbit to help get things in working order again. I've taken inspriation from her and have been doing this for myself for a while, but have just never gotten around to taking pictures, so hopefully today will be the first of many Mondays where I actually get it done, and document it. That way when Aaron wonders what I do all day, I'll have pictures to show him! (just kidding Aaron! ha!)

The idea behind Making a Happy Home Monday is to find an area of your home that needs to be a bit happier. This is very easy to do. All you have to do is tackle one thing that has been on your to-do list FOREVER!!! You know those jobs.....sweep behind the fridge, clean out the back corner of the closet, wipe down the baseboards behind the couch....the stuff that isn't seen, but it sure would be nice to be "happy."

Make it a big project. Make it a small project. Make it clean. Make it more functional. Whatever you choose, make it a happier.

Today: The dreaded hall closet. Between the sheer number of children in my house, and the fact that everything seems to go in the hall closet (aka the linen, game, puzzle, storage of little odds and ends closet), it is often one of those, just kick it in and shut the door quickly and pretend you didn't notice the chaos kind of things. I try to get to it before one ends up clobbered by opening the door, but it was definitely in need of some help this week!

Before (embarrassing!):
(the top half)

(the bottom half)

After I finished the laundry there were considerably more towels, but now it's nice and neat and full of clean towels (that will hopefully last at least two days this week).


Heather said...

Looks good! I do something kind of similar on Mondays, it's call my "weekly home blessing." I read the book Sink Reflections by Fly lady and it's gotten me on a great cleaning schedule.

~LL~ said...


Your before picture reminded me of Monica from know the closet she keeps locked? LOL!!!

thanks for joining up. I look forward to seeing you again ;)

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

Way to organize! Looks great!

Lisa said...

Looks GREAT!

Rheanna said...

That's a great idea. Organizing and cleaning like that is so fulfilling!

Kelsey said...

you guys should have HHM in my bedroom :) That sounded sick for some reason.

Mar and Koki said...

I love that idea. I am so glad you shared. I think i may join you with this. Your closet looks great. I have so many closets that I hate going into because they are a mess.

BTW, I went to sign up for the women's tri and it was filled. Maybe next time. Good luck with that :)

Big Daddy said...

That looks great. You have a nack for it. Maybe you could use those talents and help me get my garage under control.