Monday, January 19, 2009

Making a Happy Home Monday

It's that time again-Monday!

Time to recover from the weekend. This week it's a double whammy since I have truly done the minimum for the past few days. (see the spot)

So at least I have this motivation from LL to get something done.

For those who missed the last round, here's the scoop. The idea behind Making a Happy Home Monday is to find an area of your home that needs to be a bit happier. This is very easy to do. All you have to do is tackle one thing that has been on your to-do list FOREVER!!! You know those jobs.....sweep behind the fridge, clean out the back corner of the closet, wipe down the baseboards behind the couch....the stuff that isn't seen, but it sure would be nice to be "happy."
Make it a big project. Make it a small project. Make it clean. Make it more functional. Whatever you choose, make it a happier.

Thanks to my current spot (ha!), I needed today to be something big. Something to make me feel productive after a lot of days of just feeling like, well, blah.
Thus today, I conquered.......The Office.

In our house, "the office" is also the homeschool center, the sewing room, craft room, editing room (photo and video), as well as where I work out-thus the big ball under the desk. Lately it has become the dumping ground for everyone. I think that is because it is easier to just stick it here than unlock mom and dad's room (which is supposed to be off limits anyway) and pile it there. Because of that, Aaron's desk contained all sorts of who knows what, while mine, which doubles as the sewing table, contained a little bit of everything from clothes that need a button replaced, to the nerf dart that needs to be hot-glued back together, to a picture frame with a broken stand, and everything in between. Also, this pile started growing on the floor. To be honest I didn't even know what was in it aside from my bags of fabric that had been unceremoniously pulled from the closet by curious little hands. My current project was sitting neatly on my chair. This is the result of the rest of the family sticking their fingers in the pot:



and I thought the closet was embarrassing.

Hear the heavens part and the angels sing- I found my desk! And the floor!

(yes, those are my current projects still hanging on the chair-hopefully they'll get finished tomorrow!)
In a perfect world I would have touched up the paint over where the dings in the wall have been patched, put up the chair rail, and done the window treatment as well, but quite frankly, I was impressed with myself for getting out of bed this morning, so anything else was just icing on the cake. Those can be other projects for other days.

Thanks LL!


~LL~ said...


I'm sorry for your spots...I'm sorry I LOL....I'm sorry I'm still chuckling. *snicker*

Awesome job on the study/craft room/sewing room/utility room/office/playroom/exercise room. Looks great!

Heidi B C said...

That's great....I need to start doing that!! Thanks for the inspiration.

Kelsey said...

seriously, Aaron's video made my heart hurt. They look so....sick???
I almost cried when I saw the Log:(
Was he teaching them about peer pressure? ha ha
And I loved Malia, "I'll give you ice cream if you do it."
Poor little Jakers, didn't have a chance!!!!!!!!!
I need to go buy some spray on hair stat.

Aaron said...

It really makes a difference. I really appreciate your hard work.

Rheanna said...

So I totally think I'm going to steal your idea that you stole :o) because it's the best idea I've heard in a long time. I love that you share pictures too, so it's not just verbally sharing the experience. Now, every monday I'm excited to see your post, see the scary pictures (mentally go over what looks like that in my house :o) and then I get the same high as when I clean something as seeing you do it. I know, I'm a dork. Greatest idea ever. Can't wait for next monday :o)

Becky said...

Very cool.. it looks great! My fav. was the fact that there was a bottle of ketchup. I find a random bottle every now and then that the kids pulled out of the storage area.

Anyway, I should do this too.. I love the pictures!

And I'm still a little sick to my stomach from the boys (lack of) hair..

em said...

I love this idea! I think I'm going to start next Monday.

Shilo said...

I am so jealous...I find too many excuses not to do things that need to be done.
I loved the thing of Ketchup hanging out!
And I'm even more impressed that you post before pics...I'm not sure I'd want everyone seeing my problem areas.