Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No Going Back Now!

I did it.

I am now officially registered for my first triathlon!

But only after calling Maryanne to make sure that she's doing it too. Geesh-what a chicken I am! : )

Now ladies-I'm expecting some of you who have talked about doing this to jump in here! This is a great one to start on because it's a Women's only race and it has a shorter swim. Woohoo! And they hand out chocolate at the finish line. really.

It will be great prep for all of you who are planning on joining our group at the Jordanelle tri in August.

Just go to, and you see it there as the first event listed for 2009-the Woman of Steel Triathlon. Click on the pretty little green button to the right to register! You'll want to do it soon; last year registration was full by Feb, and knowing a few people who did it last year, who are getting more of their friends to do it with them this year, it will not surprise me if it fills up earlier this year than it did last year. So go! Sign up!

If you want to check it our more first just scroll down that page a bit to the 2008 triathlons and you can check out last years course and a ton of photos from last year's event.

So who's with me???


Rheanna said...

Love Ya, but you know that this is something you will have to experience and enjoy without me. I'm a great cheerleader though!

Justin said...

Way to go! Lead the way, hopefully I'll be ready in August.

Ashley said...

I will be rootin' for ya'all at the finish line!!!
My big, fat prego butt wouldn't last throught that - maybe next year!!

You will do awesome! :)

Kelsey said...

I'll come up in my cheer uniform, just like I did for Aaron :)

Big Daddy said...

A women only triathlon? If I were to cross dress do you think they would let me in? I would have to find a way to hide the back hair.

zoinatt said...

Way to go and Good luck. I'll be rooting for you.

Michael and Tiffany said...

BUMMER..... I obviously waited to long to decide. It is already sold out. Good luck, I would still love to do some training with you though :)