Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ketchup Bottles, paybacks, and other random tidbits

It's been a little while since I've dumped my brain here, so it's about time for some random nothingness from me.

First-a bunch of people have inquired about the large ketchup bottle seen in the pictures of the office from last week's Making a Happy Home Monday.  Yes, that is indeed a large pump style ketchup bottle.  

NO-it is NOT full of ketchup!  Seriously-like I don't have enough potential mess in my house, you think I'm going to keep a gallon of ketchup waiting to be pumped out all over my carpet?  geesh!  And I do realize that my brood is on the ginormous side of huge, but-and I know it will disapoint some of you-we do not buy ketchup in bottle large enough to supply your average New York City sidewalk hot dog cart.  So sorry!  So what is it and why is it in the office?  I do some assembly type work from home, and one of the products that has been in production lately has been a cleaning solution that goes in these tiny beaker-like bottles.  The ketchup pump makes the perfect dispensers to fill these little bottles, and the little duct tape band around the pump stops in just the right spot to fill the bottles to the perfect level.   So it's actually full of a cleaning solution .   And there you have it.

Paybacks.  Well, you know what they say paybacks are, so I'm not saying it!  I'm sure you'll remember last week's little experience with my boys.  If not, see the previous post, then if you're a glutton for punishment, watch the footage on my dear husband's blog.  Ok.  If you watch his post, you'll see a little blurb where he says something about it being better to seek forgiveness than ask permission.  Hmmm....  Which got me thinking.  Is it really?  Not sure still.  But I did get payback.  I've been playing around with the idea for a while, looking for the perfect deal.  My thinking is that if he wants to make my boys all look like little cue balls, I'd get him some cue sticks.  : )  I just happened to find the perfect deal yesterday.  Now hopefully it will fit around the hallway corner so we can get it downstairs!  I know, it's not payback in the traditional vengeance manner, but hey, I prefer this route!

Update on the leperosy: yes, I still have it.  Still walking around looking like one giant disease.  Thankfully my face seems to be under much better control this week.  That is probably the most frustrating part for me.  Also I am overwhelmingly grateful that the spreading to my mouth, inside my ears, and soles of my feet has been the most short-lived part of this whole thing.  Unbelievably uncomfortable, but quick healing.  I can deal with it that way.  After two dr appointments this week, I get a reprieve for a little over a week until I have to go back for treatment with injections.  Or as my dermatologist likes to say "Oh, Damn!  It's back!  Well, we'll do the shots in the butt."  Except he says it "Day-em!"  It's funny.  I can't tell if he's trying to sound hip, black, or younger, but even though he says it every time, it still cracks me up.  I have to say the request for photos for his files every time I have a breakout are interesting.  Oh well, I used to be known for being an over-achiever, I guess I'm just still trying to apply that to all areas.  

I have filled four prescriptions this week.  Would have been five, but I really don't like one of the things I was prescribed, so I chose not to fill it.  Hopefully it won't make too much of a difference.  Two of my prescriptions cost 24 cents and 29 cents.  The others were just a few dollars.  I felt so bad for the woman in front of me that had to pay $67 for a bottle of Omniceff.  Ouch.  And that was with medicaid due to her deductible (the pharmacist was WAY loud, I'm not that nosy!).  She also had two other prescriptions and her total was over $100.  Double ouch.  I am super grateful for insurance.  

January ends in one week.  Where'd it go?  That means just a little over a month until I get to go to So Cal.  Woo-hoo!!

When I was at the store this morning I bought five boxes of graham crackers.  They are all in the same bag.  The bag that I now cannot find.  And it was one of only two bags I brought home.  Where the heck is it?  I really want some graham crackers now!  Didn't I have this issue a couple of months ago?  Maybe I should check the freezer.  

I just realized that I forgot to take my meds this morning.  I'm supposed to take them with food.  I want to take them with graham crackers.  The ones I cannot find.  

Lincoln is sitting on my lap and feels warm.  I hope he is not getting sick.  January seems to be the sicko month at our house almost every year.  Maybe next year we can just skip January.  

I'm hungry now.  So I'm going to go eat.  If I can find my crackers.  

Happy Saturday.


Kelsey said...

I was gunna say check the freezer. I hope Lincoln is not getting sick! For some reason I feel responsible for every child that is sick right now :)
I've never ever noticed the ketchup bottle before. Shows you the kind of place I live in. he he
I totally forgot to call you about the truck. Not that I was going to measure it in the pouring rain or anything. My bad!
Hope you are feeling better and I'm sad we aren't coming to SoCal with ya'll! Disneyland is calling my name.

Lisa said...

I hope you are well soon. You DO know that child labor is illegal, right?

teehee ;)

~LL~ said...

Love it! I love to read "dumps." I need to do that soon, I think.

I hope January isn't a bad month for y'all. (Your doctor sounds like he's from TX...everything with only 1 syllable is stretched to more and those with more than 2 generally lose 1.) :)

hope you find your crackers!

Aaron said...

Funny....very funny.