Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Sorry.  Couldn't help myself.  And the guy's going on tour now.  Wow.

On another note completely unrelated to Charlie Sheen, since I'm having issues with my photos here, which will take all sorts of 2 1/2 minutes of effort to figure out which external hard drive is unplugged but is something I can't do while nursing (I'm good, but not good enough to crawl around under a desk while nursing), I'll share something else I just saw.

Too funny.

Now go get yourself some grapes and grasshoppers and celebrate St Urho's Day before you get all greened out for St Patrick tomorrow.

Heinäsirkka, heinäsirkka, mene täältä hiiteen

Happy Wednesday!


XLMIC said...

I LOVE BASSETTS! that totally made me smile... and I needed that! Nothing like running bassets to lift the bloggy blues ;-)

Kelsey said...

am I the only one that tries to "like" blog posts?