Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I AM a runner

Sometimes the miles are so few and far between I start to question it.
I needed the reminder tonight.

Running skirt
Tech tee
Light Jacket
A few new songs on the ipod
Sky streaked with pink and orange as the sun dropped below the mountains
A nice and easy 4.5 miles
Still light at 6:30pm.....

And even a little quicker than I expected.

The temperature has soared to the upper 40s in the afternoon, so this evening it still felt practically balmy out.  The quads were a little chilly by the last mile, but it just encouraged me to move a little faster.
The air was beautifully crisp, smelling of wet sage, a little snow and an underlying hint of....green.  It makes me just giddy that you can smell that Spring is on it's way.

It's time to start logging more miles.  Time to start running more often.  Time to be a runner again.

Especially since Sam is big enough and strong enough for this now:

That sight makes my heart skip a beat.
Even if my two year old is annoyed with being bundled.