Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

And can someone please clear up for me why I keep seeing people say "Happy St Paddy's Day"?
Shouldn't it be "Patty's"  since it would be short for Patrick?

We started the day off.....totally not how I planned.  Big fat mom fail as I slept through my alarm and botched a fun breakfast.  Oh well.  More important that I was up with the baby during the night, right?  Poor kid.  You forget how hard it is to be up every other hour after you've had the luxury of sleeping a decent number of hours for nearly two months.

But everyone was in green, and despite a little freak out from the seven year old who was "wearing green underwear but everyone keeps telling me it doesn't count and I can't find a green shirt that I want to wear and people are going to pinch me!",  it was a fairly calm morning.

I figured I'd at least make the after school snack fun, so we went with Lucky Charms.  They really are always after me Lucky Charms, so I shared.

For dinner the kids requested their now favorite St. Patrick's Day dinner, Leprechaun Pie.  Which is really spinach quiche.  Yes, my kids request spinach quiche.  It's fabulous.  They also requested green mashed potatoes.  Who am I not to oblige?  I think it would have worked a little better if we'd fried them up as hash browns, but whatever.

Charlotte felt the need to be artistic with her dinner.  I didn't feel like being parental this evening, so she got away with it.

Even Sammy got in on the green meal, dining on a fabulous concoction of spinach, carrots and peas.
He loved it.
 Yes he is in a girly high chair.  One day I'll make a new cover.

With key lime pie for dessert, I'll give this day full of green two thumbs up.  I did forget to dole out the gold nuggets (Rolos), but I'm sure the kids won't mind those coming a day late.

Here, have one more little leprechaun picture.

Ok, two.  But hey, he is one lucky little guy!



Steel Springs said...

That is the most adorable St. Patrick's Day picture! I love your day full of special, festive treats. The Leprechaun Pie idea is a great one!

Colette said...

OMG ... those pics of Sam are just toooo cute, just looking at hime makes me want to snuggle him all up!! (And I mean that in a nice way .. not weird, I promise!!) Oh and here in Ireland we tend not to shorten St Patricks Day, it mostly gets its full term or is shortened to St Paddy's Day, that is mostly due to guys who are called Patrick tend to get the nickname of Paddy!! St Patty's Day to us is very americanised! Great post...I love reading your blog! Take care! :)

Anonymous said...

Super cute pics!!! Adorable. :-)

Like Collette said, Paddy's is actually the correct way to shorten it. In Ireland, they shorten Patrick to Paddy, NOT Patty (which is considered a girl's name there). That's why people say Paddy's...Patty's is the incorrect "American" way. :-)

Catey said...

Colette-"Paddy" surprises me! I guess because the few people I've known who are named Patrick have shortened it to "Pat". Patrick is actually my third son's middle name.....before he was born we used to call him "Pat" so that people didn't know for a while if we were having a girl (patricia) or a boy. :)

Anonymous said...

And I just realized I spelled Colette's name wrong. Sorry!

Catey said...

lol....we posted at the same time. :)
It's funny I never even thought of Patty the girl's name, just that Patrick has a T and not a D. Duh! Seriously mental lapse....especially since I have a friend named Patty..... :P

So do Patricks also go by Pat there? or is Paddy the more common nickname?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I think they go by Pat or Paddy. At least that's what I've heard! :-)

PS I love your blog! I don't have any kids yet but it's so fun to read your family's adventures.

Snow Mom said...

oh my goodness he is cute!!!

XLMIC said...

The most adorable St Patrick's Day family pictures I have ever seen! You are such a fun mom, too, with all the food business :)

Cheryl said...

Sam's pics are so adorable!! Sounds like you had a great St. Paddy's Day. Thanks for asking about the correct way to shorten Patrick. I learned something.

Geneve said...

You did such a great job on the St. Patrick's Day fun! I sort of tried. I looked all over for Rolos, but of couse they'd be sold out the day of!

Utah Mom said...

I love the pictures of Sam. He is so cute. You're such a nice mom for doing so much for your kiddos. I went out of my way to make sure they wore green and they had green Jello on the green plates (being married in the 90s occasionally has its advantages). My kids had green boogers too so we're all good.

Kelsey said...

that is the cutest thing ever! I am dying :)

Colette said...

Hiya.. I meant to reply sooner, sorry! Patrick in Irish is Padraig and isi shortened to Paddy as a nickname, another reason the day gets shortened to St Paddy's Day here! My mum's name is Patricia and she often gets called Pat or Patty and t is often seen as a girls name although Catey and bookwormwife, your right Patrick can also be shortened to Pat here, but it wouldn't be used near as much as the commonly shortened version to Paddy! :) Oh and bookwormwife, no need to apologise over the spelling of my name, more often than not it gets spelt with the two L's, that seems to be the more popular way of spelling it I think as I often have to correct it on paperwork that hasn't been completed by me initially! :)I was told years ago that my name is a derivative of the french name Nicollette so I think thats why the two L's pop up so much and that the spelling of it with the one L is more an "irish" trait .. how true all this is I have no idea!! :)