Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March in a Nutshell-one month in one post

  Oh my stinkin' heck.  While I am BEYOND  happy that Spring is here and we are getting more sun and warm enough days that the snow melts shortly after it falls now, could the days slow down just a tad?!

Actually part of me is happy that March just kind of flew by.  It's been a month.  I love April, because all the crazy stops for a few weeks, and we get the pleasure of Spring Break before everything goes in to overdrive for the end of the school year when every teacher, administrator and PTA person decides that we must now get every single activity that we can possibly come up with in before the school year ends even if it means scheduling something every day of the week and scheduling some things so that they overlap.
It's awesome.
But hey, only 42 school days left till Summer vacation!

So, what happened to March?

Sam turned 7 months.


We got a little bit of snow.
(this was actually at my parents house, we didn't get quite this much)

Basketball season wrapped up.
Jacob did learn to dribble lower....

Knowledge Bowl competitions for the girls.

Running!  Yay!
With my littles!  Double Yay!
(even more amazing when I look back to last year and never dared dream it would happen)

This is my very chill Sam after his first run.  Within 2 minutes he's fast asleep every time.

Weekend runs creeping back into double digits-Yay again!

Pinewood Derby.

A case of pineapples.  Love.

Sam's first outdoor swing.

Pi Day.  Celebrated with 3.14 pieces of pie of course.  Key Lime and Coconut Cream.

Animal Reports...
In Kindergarten

And Second Grade

Student of the Month

Sewing a dress for a neighbor who was in a pageant
(I WISH I had a picture, she looked fabulous and it was fun to see the dress come together so perfectly!)

*almost* done transforming the girls' to come when I finish the bedding.

Midweek date with my love to watch the Cougs in the Sweet 16.  Saddest OT ever.
(But hey, still gotta love Jimmer!)

New Playground:
Woo-hoo!  and also very sad....because we bought it from some of our best friends ever who are moving from a few houses down the street to a few states away.  Dangit.

Ate fried rice out of a giant bowl.

After which I introduced Aaron to Phineas and Ferb.  My new favorite thing for the kids to watch.

It was warm enough (almost) that I kicked back on the lounge chair in the backyard to start working on my tan.  Yes really, and yes, in a swim suit.  After all that snow you saw was it really warm enough?  Meh.....that's debatable.  But darnit mid 50s sure felt like paradise for about 30 minutes.  Mid to upper 60s this weekend?  Oh yeah.  I'll be laying out again.  Bring on the sun!

Also, I may have found the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.
This is actually a picture of the batch that turned out looking awful.  Really.  I'll remake them and share.

For the grand finale, Aaron is now officially halfway done with nursing school!  And he has this week off.  Oh what joy to have my husband come home from work last night and not have class or homework!  The kids were beside themselves with excitement that dad was home.  Just one more year....just one more year....just one more year....
(for now I'll avoid thinking on the BSN and whatever else follows this one more year)

And yes, eventually I'll still post that Dr Suess party we had.  After I repaint the kitchen and dining room.  and maybe my older boys' room.



XLMIC said...

Totally missed reading about you all this month! So awesome to get this update... it's making me late :P

That swing pic... just... awwwww! The kids all look wonderful... happy, beautiful :) And you, too ;-)

12+ miles! WOOOO hOOOOO weeee! awesome! I haven't hit double digits yet... it's on tap for this weekend... and I'm nervous. My legs are still so sore from Sunday.

Need the cookie recipe! You educated me that there is more to choco chippers than Nestle's Toll House recipe!

So, so good to hear that you are all doing well :)

Lisa said...

Must have the cookie recipe. My old faithful recipe is failing me every time. Could Sam BE any cuter. Well, could ANY of the Ball Babies be ANY cuter?

Becky said...

Life is crazy busy! I was behind you at Wal-Mart yesterday and just loved watching you with your little ones. You are so patient and kind with them. I can't wait for the warmer weather as well. Good luck with the end of school projects and events, I hope I can remember all of them! I can't wait to run longer distances. I have my first 1/2 marathon planned for this summer (Moonlight Half 2011). I hope my body can do it!

Kelsey said...

Hallie will flip over that swing set. Cutest pix of Sammy :) We love Phineas & Ferb
Freaking out for the gooes playin hoops and reports. Dying that Dallin is student of the month! Loved the update.

Laurie said...

Hooray for everything... Sam is adorable, loving him in the stroller and the swing, too cute! Hooray for double digit runs and pineapple, yummy. Pie day is awesome, going to have to celebrate that one next year. Enjoy the time with your husband... breaks from school are awesome! Glad to hear from you, sounds like you're busy but happy. :)

Rheanna said...

I've never thought about posting my month in detail in a post and I think I know why...I'm tired just reading about someone else's month all in one shot! Looks and sounds like things are busy but fantastic, always great!

~LL~ said...

Missed you, sweet lady!

You must share your cookie recipe, 'cause you KNOW I've been searching, just like you!


Been working on my tan, too, but not like you. It has been getting into the high 70s (except for this past Sunday - today) and I am starting on that "baseball" tan.